Latest Update: 2024/02/12

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Adding the new 3300 series ICNG-B in NS Flow colours for cross-border service to Belgium

   - New C1 wagon with extra toilet

   - New exterior textures for 'Flow' colour scheme

   - End wagons have the extra chopper on the roof

   - Two new master destinations ONLY available in the ICNG : Antwerpen-Centraal and Brussel-Zuid/Midi

   - Voltage options for Belgian 25kV and 3kV systems

- Adjusted the 3100 and 3200 versions to have the new more yellow nose, to match the actual trains now in service

- Added some power to traction as the original was a little slow compared to the real thing

- In the cab:

    - Fixed the "always on" traction block indicator on the right MFD screen

    - Fixed the high voltage indicator on the right MFD screen

    - Fixed the 'door closed' light so it's mostly white

    - Removed the central door control button as it is now deleted from the real train

    - Fixed the wheel slip light (it was mistakenly associated with the holding brake)

- New more prototypical cruise control function

   - behaves more as a speed limiter now

   - the throttle now determines the amount of power the cruise system can use

   - braking does not disengage the cruise limiter but DOES override the cruise calculated brakes

   - you MUST have throttle for the cruise system to be able to accelerate

   - New shortcuts for the MFD screen controls (CTRL-0 to CTRL-9)

   - C and Y shortcuts re-assigned to MFD buttons 8 and 7

   - if the cruise system is turned off while the throttle is engaged, a throttle reset is required

   - Method (a) for setting cruise: open the cruise screen on the MFD, throttle to zero, pick a speed on the MFD (CTRL1-CTRL6), click the accept button on the MFD (CTRL-8 or C), throttle to power

   - Method (b) for setting cruise: open the cruise screen on the MFD, throttle to zero, click the cruise accept button on the MFD to lock in the current speed (CTRL-8 or C), throttle to power

v1.0.6 - 2023/08/21

- Adjusts names of destinations for Beerdrechtse Velden route

- Fixes missing shadow texture under the train

- Adjusts headlight texture

v1.0.5 - 2023/07/20

- Fixed: Pantograph audio bug

- Fixed: Missing wind roar sound for exterior view

- Fixed missing ground shadow under all wagons

- Improved: New / correct cab air conditioning audio

- Improved: Rear lights now more 'red'

- Improved: More audio at speed in exterior view - now has more 'presence' at speed

- Updated: the ATB numbers on the primary display have been updated to be black instead of white. This matches the current software build on the real train

- New: Parked consists have red lights front and rear

- New: ATB cab bell audio functions

- New: ATB more rigorous overspeed checking

- New: ATB can be turned on an off by trackside bakens scenery objects

- New: ATB now uses ProRail stopping distances instead of the old "1km for everything" method when alerting drivers

- New: ATB respects signal-enforced limits from CoHa signals

- New: Cab wind noise audio at high speed

- New: Passenger view 200kmh audio

- New: QD-compatible consists so train can show up in other Dutch routes as 'intercity' AI trains

- New: As in the real train, the external signboards now turn off when the train is above a certain speed

- New: Now reads the 1.5kV and 25kV scenery object Eurobalises for automatic transition to the new line voltages (for example on the HSL route)

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Beerdrechtse Velden Route

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Zuidersteden Route



  • The developer has tried to make these updates as backward-compatible as possible, but due to the nature of the updates there are certain features which will no longer work, including any scenario where the player has to couple two different consists together as part of the scenario (this won't work because in many cases the internal wagon numbers have changed to accommodate pre-set destinations), and scenarios that start with the train already in motion.
  • There is an extremely high chance that older repaint packs will not work after this update. This is because of the sheer number of changes to controls in the cabs that the older repaint files will not contain. Customers should NOT try to re-install older repaint packs after this update until the authors of those packs have had chance to bring their repaints into compatibility.
  • As this is a major update, all activation keys will be reset to zero (10 activations remaining)
  • You can read the ChrisTrains announcement about the latest batch of updates on Facebook 


- Fixed: Cruise control and ATB->ETCS accept button shortcut didn't work for some people

- Critical: Deletes some extra dev folders that could cause keyboard shortcuts to not work correctly

v1.0.2 - 2022/05/22

- Fixed a bogie error in the motorwagons

- Fixed: An ETCS issue where the red lights could be missed in certain situations

- Fixed: Improved ETCS red light detection overall

- Fixed: 25kVDC icon corrected to 25kVAC in the multifunction display

- Fixed: A broken URL in the Dutch manual

- Fixed typo in "Valkenberg" -> "Valkenburg"

- Fixed a problem where the ICNG could derail in one corner of the HSL route

- Fixed an audio issue where traction motor audio drops off completely at 120kmh

- Fixed a cruise control bug where braking didn't account for consist length / weight

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