Latest Update: 12/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New: New version NS Overijssel version added.

- New: added control compatibility with NS Wadloper DM90 and Wadloper can now be in the same consist.

- New: added new destinations: Bad Bentheim, Roodeschool, Delfzijl, Zuidbroek, Nieuweschans.

- New: added second cab camera view for a quick look at the instruments.

- New: new EULA End User License Agreement in the installer.

- Improved: Window frames around passenger windows now much smoother and less 'jaggy'.

- Improved: New cab sounds for reverser, brake notches, throttle notches.

- Changed: handbook now get installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\railworks\Manuals\ChrisTrains

- Changed: brake handle now correctly has 8 notches (before it was linear).

- Fixed: ATB-NG doesn't repeat 3-bell "target speed" sound if brakes are re-applied whilst slowing down.

- Fixed: Bug where drivers would all disappear if two Buffels were coupled during a scenario.

- Fixed: Internal script bug that cause too much processing when headlights were turned on.

- Fixed: Bug where cab parking brake sound would not applied when using keyboard shortcut.

- Fixed: Typo changed "Akkord" -> "Akkoord" on the multifunction display.

- Fixed: White magnetic brake light should not come on when brake is deployed. Only in engineering test mode.

- Fixed: Emergency brake now lights up "TL" light in cab.

- Fixed: Parking brake now lights up "REM" light in cab.

- Fixed: Fuel tanks are now 1000litres each.

- Fixed: Brake release sound was missing in cab.

- Fixed: Bug in Scherfenberg coupler where it would flip 180 degrees when connected to some trains

- Fixed: Bug in cab controls where brake and throttle would not get properly set by emergency brake

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