Latest Update: 12/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

- New: Added Connexxion Veenexxpress DH1 version
- Fixed: Simplified headlight code for compatibility with DM90 Buffel. MUST HAVE v1.1 OF THE BUFFEL
- Fixed: Bug where coupler would flip sides when connected to some trains (DM90 especially)
- Fixed: Bug where door arms would pass through train body when doors were open
- Changed: Swapped cab cameras so the default camera looks more at the controls.
- Fixed: Bug Rear wipers on DH1 units correctly clear rain
- Fixed: Bug Rear DH1 cab instrument and cablights were broken
- Fixed: Bug ATB did not work in rear cab of DH1
- CHANGED: 'E' key can now be used to reset throttle as Shift-A and Shift-D sometimes stuck 'on'

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