Latest Update: 2023/08/21

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Adjusts names of destinations for Beerdrechtse Velden route

v4.0 2023/07/20

Art changes:

- Fixed: Darkened the grey colour on the roof and top fairings

- New: Completely rebuilt scharfenberg coupler

- New: Completely rebuilt bogies and wheels

- New: Blue and grey paint curves at the nose re-done with polygon edges instead of texture

- New: Added more curvature to the nose of the train

- New: Headlight glass now truly transparent

- New: Headlights, headlight glow textures and materials 

- New: Swapped the entire train to full UIC codes. Scripts ‘invent’ new codes for wagons if they encounter an old scenario with old numbers

- New: Destination boards with newly-created fonts for the front and side displays

- New: Higher resolution driver door detail on the outside

- New: Toilets added to mB3 and B1 wagons

- Fixed: Old AB wagon (with 1st class in the middle) now fully retired (remains for legacy consists but no longer pickable in the game)

- New: Added wheelchair door planks to mB3 and B1 doors

- Fixed: Reconfigured door and outside information stickers

- Fixed: Passenger seats changed from patterned cloth to plain ‘fake’ leather

- New: 360 degree cabview

- New: added new tablet holder to cabview

- New: cab textures rebuilt from scratch

- New: cab ID stickers, UIC code and wagon code stickers

- Fixed: cabview glass more transparent, less “hazy”

- New: drivers figure

- New: passenger figures

- New: cab lights visible from outside

- New: headlight dimming functionality

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Beerdrechtse Velden Route

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Zuidersteden Route

Scripting changes:

- New: headlight logic to match newer CT trains

- New: driver logic so train doesn’t have drivers in when parked or dead

- Fixed: all the rotary switches for cab light, headlights, meter lights and wipers (were ‘buttons’, now ‘notched lever’)

- New: “E” shortcut to set throttle to neutral

- Fixed: ATB simplified rem criterium light

- New: ATB stop mode

- New: ATB 40km/h reverse limit

- New: ATB cab bell audio functions

- New: ATB more rigorous overspeed checking

- New: ATB can be turned on an off by trackside bakens scenery objects

- New: ATB now uses ProRail stopping distances instead of the old "1km for everything" method when alerting drivers

- New: ATB respects signal-enforced limits from CoHa signals

- New: ATB now responds to higher speed limits at the NOSE of the train instead of the TAIL

- New: ATB now has prototypical 2 second delay between receiving a new command and changing the cab display

- New: Master destination list with presetting

- New: Digital displays as “set text” child objects to simplify model

- New: pantograph logic for  dead/parked engine.

- Fixed: brake simulation templates (uses the ‘gold’ values from SNG, ICM etc that may not be 100% Correct but at least stop the game from - freaking out when you disconnect a wagon)

- New: “Soft” throttle control to make the train “feel” heavy.

- New: brake logic for resetting ebrakes

- New: traction block when doors are open or handbrake is on

- New: parked train logic places red lights front and rear when parked

- New: train main lighting control (passenger area)

- New: passenger logic for dead / parked trains

Sound changes:

- Fixed: missing sounds on some cab controls

- Fixed: better cab occlusion for exterior sounds

- New: new wheel screech and rail joint sounds



  • The developer has tried to make these updates as backward-compatible as possible, but due to the nature of the updates there are certain features which will no longer work, including any scenario where the player has to couple two different consists together as part of the scenario (this won't work because in many cases the internal wagon numbers have changed to accommodate pre-set destinations), and scenarios that start with the train already in motion.
  • There is an extremely high chance that older repaint packs will not work after this update. This is because of the sheer number of changes to controls in the cabs that the older repaint files will not contain. Customers should NOT try to re-install older repaint packs after this update until the authors of those packs have had chance to bring their repaints into compatibility.
  • As this is a major update, all activation keys will be reset to zero (10 activations remaining)
  • You can read the ChrisTrains announcement about the latest batch of updates on Facebook


- TS2019 licensing patch

- All engine, wagon and consist names now prefixed with "CT"

- Cab lighting now defaults to 'off'

v2.1 - 2016/05/12

- New: Added deadmans alarm function please read the manual.

- New: Added second camera view for better view of instruments. Use left/right arrows to switch.

- New: Added 's Hertogenbosch and Breukelen to destination list.

- New: Added 2016-revision SLT-6 (middle wagons now have no 1st class). 2 new consists SLT6 (2016 revision) and SLT6+4 (2016 revision).

- New: New throttle sounds in cab

- New: New ebrake sounds in cab

- Improved: Driver figure logic now more reliable when coupling trains together.

- Improved: Made braking system more powerful more prototypical.

- Improved: Removed redundant headlight code. Saved 4ms processing time. More efficient!

- Improved: Brake release MUCH quieter inside

- Improved: Passenger RIS display is now luminous

- Changed: Manuals moved into Train Simulator 'manuals' folder.

- Fixed: Long standing bug in the scharfenberg coupler where some players would see a 'flipped' coupler.

- Fixed: Removed passengers, fans, signboards, animations from the asset browser list.

- Fixed: Audio occlusion in passenger view now works. External sounds are more muffled now.

- Fixed: Missing cursor label for intermittent wiper control in cab.

An updated version of the ChrisTrains NS SLT was released on the 11th December 2014. 

The updated software fixes a problem where the ATB system could get stuck in a '40' zone on some German tracks.

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