Latest Update: 2023/08/21

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes the missing destination 'Amersfoort Vathorst'

- Fixes an issue where the holding brake was sometimes not enough on an incline. It can now also be overridden if the player applies > 40% braking

- Adjusts names of destinations for Beerdrechtse Velden route

v2.0 -2023/07/20

- Fixed: Added missing horns to the rooftop

- Fixed: The left-side door-closing bell did not sound in the cab

- Fixed: Brakes weakened a little bit (mostly in the ED brake) – they were previously too strong

- Fixed: High beam lights modified to be whiter and longer range (ref:

- New: red  lights front and rear when consist is parked or dead

- Fixed: ATB remcriterium now set to 30% instead of 20%

- Fixed: a bug in the remcriterium display and ATB brake monitoring

- New: ATB stop mode

- New: ATB 40km/h reverse limit

- New: ATB cab bell audio functions

- New: ATB more rigorous overspeed checking

- New: ATB can be turned on an off by trackside bakens scenery objects

- New: ATB now uses ProRail stopping distances instead of the old "1km for everything" method when alerting drivers

- New: ATB respects signal-enforced limits from CoHa signals

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Beerdrechtse Velden Route

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Zuidersteden Route



  • The developer has tried to make these updates as backward-compatible as possible, but due to the nature of the updates there are certain features which will no longer work, including any scenario where the player has to couple two different consists together as part of the scenario (this won't work because in many cases the internal wagon numbers have changed to accommodate pre-set destinations), and scenarios that start with the train already in motion.
  • There is an extremely high chance that older repaint packs will not work after this update. This is because of the sheer number of changes to controls in the cabs that the older repaint files will not contain. Customers should NOT try to re-install older repaint packs after this update until the authors of those packs have had chance to bring their repaints into compatibility.
  • As this is a major update, all activation keys will be reset to zero (10 activations remaining)
  • You can read the ChrisTrains announcement about the latest batch of updates on Facebook 

v1.1.0 - 04/07/2022

- New: Swapped to the master destination list. This change COULD break repaints and existing scenarios
- New: Added power 'smoothing' to make the train 'feel' heavier
- New: ATB now monitors overspeed much more rigorously
- New: ATB e-brake if exceeding 40km/h in reverse
- New: Parked consists now have one pantographs raised
- New: Drivers no longer appear in 'dead' or parked consists
- New: Passengers no longer appear in 'dead' or parked consists
- Fixed: ATB alert bell would not sound in certain situations
- Fixed: ATB remcriterium light behaviour was unreliable. Now works correctly
- Fixed: A lot of weirdness in the airbrake pressures when coupling multiple consists together

v1.0.4 - 04/07/2021

- adds the new 2021 version of the train with the yellow-painted front.

v1.0.3 - 11/08/2020

Fixed typo in "Hollanse Hoek" -> "Hollandse Hoek"

- Fixed a problem where the clock in the passenger view would show 24:00 instead of 00:00


  • - Brake pressure needles now correct colour - red and yellow were reversed for reservoir and pipe pressures
  • - Modified logic for traction block while doors are open so controls can be moved (for example to put reverser in neutral to cancel deadman timer)
  • - Pantograph and snelshakelaar switches can now be operated with the parking brake OFF
  • - Minor change to digital speedometer numbers to make them more visible on some graphics cards
  • - Corrected blank square on one OBIS screen menu
  • - Corrected problem where, after an ATB e-brake intervention, player could turn ATB off and never be able to release the ebrake
  • - Corrected a problem where players could lower the pantograph from the HUD when it was not allowed
  • - Corrected a problem in the headlight logic where the HUD would sometimes not turn the lights on and off
  • - Optimised the background script and simulation functions to run at a more predictable timing interal, less reliant on framerate
  • - Corrected destination list in handbook for fictional destinations above #120
  • - Added a note in the handbook telling players about the position of the combi handle to release traction block

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