Latest Update: 10/01/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed : Passenger feet from upper floor hanging through the ceiling of lower decks

- Fixed : Removed miscellaneous blueprints from scenario browser

- Fixed : Traction/braking needle in cab would sometimes disappear at edge of camera view

- Fixed : Missing ATB texture for some customers

- Fixed : BSI coupler is now the correct way around when coupled (was mirrored)

- Fixed : Ammeter in HUD now shows negative values when ED brakes are in use

- Fixed : ED brake delay removed so braking doesn't "jerk" or "jolt" any more

- Fixed : Bug in emergency brake where it would sometimes not release properly

- Fixed : Bug where headlight switch was not controllable with the mouse

- Fixed : Typo in Dutch manual in typhoon section

- Improved : Removed unused code from scripts and optimised other code

- Improved : Traction/braking needle in cab now actually shows ED current and traction current (used to show decelleration)

- Improved : Traction/braking needle in cab now sits correctly at "0"

- Improved : Emergency brake now MUCH more powerful

- Improved : Decals for door buttons - higher resolution

- Improved : High resolution window frames

- New : Added parking brake

- New : Second camera view (arrow left/right) in cab for better view of instruments

- New : Cab light defaults to "off"

- New : Prototypical DDAR/DDZ sound for dodeman alarm buzzer

- New : Prototypical DDAR/DDZ sound for emergency brake

- New : Manuals moved to Railworks manuals folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\railworks\Manuals\ChrisTrains)


- Fixed : True French manual translation

- Fixed : Driver logic for driver figures in cabs

- Fixed : wheelchair and luggage logos on left side of Bvk flipped

- Fixed : Destination boards now work with rolling start scenarios

- Fixed : Cab instrument lights now do not light up window frame. Light up instruments much better.

- Fixed : Missing sound for higher notches of cruise speed selector

- Fixed : Missing tooltip for brake lever

- Fixed : Missing cab switch sound for headlights

- Fixed : Passenger feet sticking out of the lower decks

- Improved : Made passenger view quieter

- Improved : Made cabview quieter

- Improved : Made cruise speed selector more responsive to keyboard

- Improved : Brake lever now has 'notches' as per the real train

- New : Deadman's vigilance system : PLEASE READ THE MANUAL


- Added darker shadows under train carriages

- Replaced traction gauge with script-driven version to cure "reverse" traction readout bug

- Reduced initial 'grab' of dynamic brakes

- Fixed speedometer accuracy bug

- Fixed missing wheelslip audio

- Fixed problem where brake audio could loop indefinitely

- Added door closing whistle script so whistle plays BEFORE doors close

- New audio for bogies

- Changed headlights to be more like the other ChrisTrains models - more realistic-looking

- Added cab control to turn cab lighting on and off

- Removed instrument lighting - it got in the way of other controls and didn't look very realistic

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