Latest Update: 02/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New: Added second cab camera for better view of controls (left/right arrow).

- New: Pantograph switch in cab is now more prototypical 'rocker' switch.

- New: Added destination Veenendaal.

- New: Added analog clock to right side of SGMm cab (newer model).

- New: New emergency brake sounds in cab.

- New: Added gas "pop" when using reverser in cab.

- New: Added air "hiss" when brake lever is moved in cab.

- New: Improved sharpness/quality to window frame textures.

- Fixed: Bug where headlight control in cab was uncontrollable with mouse.

- Fixed: Rain/wiper motion bug where front wiper didn't clear rain properly in cabview.

- Fixed: Bug where Scharfenberg coupler would sometimes flip around when connected.

- Fixed: Bug where regulator and brake handles did not set correct position during emergency braking.

- Fixed: Removed passengers, driver, destination boards, ads from list of assets that showed up in scenario editor.

- Changed: HUD for regulator now shows A/0/R/S/PZ instead of throttle percentage.

- Changed: Made in-cab switches look more like plastic and less like cement (!)

- Changed: Simplified internal scripting for pantograph controls. More efficient.

- Changed: Moved manuals to railworks manuals folder.

- Changed: Removed redundant sounds from installer.

- Changed: Made motor noise loop quieter in cab and passenger view.

- Changed: Removed "OV Chipkaart" announcement from SGMm.


- Fixed : Driver figure logic for front/rear wagons

- Fixed : Signboard code now works with rolling start scenarios

- Improved : Made cabview and passenger view sounds a little more muted

- New : Added destination Breukelen

- New : True French translation for manual

- New : Added dodeman vigilance system PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

- New : Added ATB train protection system PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

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