Latest Update: 2023/08/21

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes issue where ATB-NG overspeed braking unintentionally releases brakes once correct speed is reached

- NEW: To release from ATB-NG brake intervention, the driver MUST put the brakes at 75% or higher before releasing them, to resume normal driving

- Adjusts names of destinations for Beerdrechtse Velden route

v5.0 - 2023/07/20

- Fixed: Changed reversers to show V/O/A in HUD instead of -100% -> 100%

- New: Added red parking lights

- Fixed: Driver logic for stationary AI trains (look at SLT for comparison of piece of code)

- Fixed: When ATB Baken is passed, message is displayed to driver now

- Fixed: E-brake functionality now correct – throttle must be zero’d and brake lever must be pulled all the way back and re-set to disengage e-brake.

- Fixed: Acceleration times now correct to published NS values. Much quicker now

- Fixed: Tuned braking to be more prototypical to the real trains

- Fixed: Max braking under cruise control reduced so it’s not so severe

- Fixed: Cab lighting not showing up from outside when jumping cameras

- Fixed: cruise control handle can now be held up or down to keep changing cruise speed

- New: NS 2023 version with yellow nose

- New: Imaginary NS "Flow" version

- New: passenger logic – parked / dead trains have no passengers

- New: wagon lighting – driver can turn interior lighting on and off

- New: Cab sounds for throttle, reverser, cruise levers

- Fixed: Updated cab texture for GSMR radio

- Fixed: Updated cab textures for LCD readouts for ATB-EG and ATB-NG displays

- New: ATB stop mode

- New: ATB 40km/h reverse limit

- New: ATB cab bell audio functions

- New: ATB more rigorous overspeed checking

- New: ATB can be turned on an off by trackside bakens scenery objects

- New: ATB now uses ProRail stopping distances instead of the old "1km for everything" method when alerting drivers

- New: ATB respects signal-enforced limits from CoHa signals

- New: ATB now responds to higher speed limits at the NOSE of the train instead of the TAIL

- New: ATB now has prototypical 2 second delay between receiving a new command and changing the cab display

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Beerdrechtse Velden Route

- New: added new destinations for fictional De Zuidersteden Route



  • The developer has tried to make these updates as backward-compatible as possible, but due to the nature of the updates there are certain features which will no longer work, including any scenario where the player has to couple two different consists together as part of the scenario (this won't work because in many cases the internal wagon numbers have changed to accommodate pre-set destinations), and scenarios that start with the train already in motion.
  • There is an extremely high chance that older repaint packs will not work after this update. This is because of the sheer number of changes to controls in the cabs that the older repaint files will not contain. Customers should NOT try to re-install older repaint packs after this update until the authors of those packs have had chance to bring their repaints into compatibility.
  • As this is a major update, all activation keys will be reset to zero (10 activations remaining)
  • You can read the ChrisTrains announcement about the latest batch of updates on Facebook


- New: Fixed the 459 name on the Arriva Flirt3 from Kasteel Arcen -> Kasteeltuinen Arcen

v4.1.0 - 2021/07/05

- Support for the new Master Destination List.

v4.0 - 19/10/2020

IMPORTANT: These changes are all relevant to the Dutch versions. The German Suwex version has NOT changed

- New: Installation system

- New: Keolis and Valleilijn versions, with handbook. New geometry, cab and passenger views. Not just reskins.

- New: Deadman's pedal sound

- New: Rail flange/squeal sound

- New: Traction-block function when doors are open

- New: Can read the new ATB bakens scenery objects to turn on ATB-EG or ATB-NG, or turn the ATB off.

- New: Aerials on top of NS, Arriva and R-Net versions

- New: Additional fictional destinations for fictional routes added to all versions.

- New: Cab horn button works for high/low horn

- New: "Parked" trains have pantographs always up, no driver, and 'parking' lights on automatically

- New: "Dead" trains have pantographs always down, no driver, no lights

IMPORTANT: Some destination numbers have changed in the RNet, NS and Arriva versions. Scenarios might need to adapt

- Fixed: Vastly improved braking performance, including pneumatic brake blending properly below 10km/h

- Fixed: Headlight logic - high beams and main beams never works correctly. All fixed now. Handbooks updated.

- Fixed: GSMR 'shiny' part of screen no longer extends over 'M' and 'R' buttons.

- Fixed: Internal debug code was sending messages to logger and slowing down game performance.

- Fixed: Deadman alarm sound was too harsh and slightly wrong tone.

- Fixed: In line with new regulations, deadman timer is shortened to 30 seconds.

- Fixed: Changed Amersfoort -> Amersfoort Centraal, Eindhoven -> Eindhoven Centraal, Tilburg -> Tilburg Universiteit

- Fixed: Arriva cab door light button did not flash when doors were closing

- Fixed: Driver handle can now be used to disconnect snelschakelaar and drop pantograph even while driving. No longer applies brakes.

- Fixed: ATB overspeed lights, ATB-EG snelrem display

- Fixed: Error in speedometer display (too many check marks between major speed values)

- Fixed: Door opening beeper on NS, Arriva versions is now the correct sound

- Fixed: Removed Y/C keyboard shortcuts for cruise control because it was interfering with the pantograph control which was also on "Y"


- New installer

- Arriva: Added final missing train names

- NS: Added destination "Baarn"

- All: Added shortcuts Y/C to duplicate R/F for cruise speed up/down

- All: Horn sounds re-done with loop points

- Suwex: Horn sounds corrected

- Suwex: Changed sticker "DB Regio AG / Region Sudwest / Trier" to "DB Regio AG / Region Mitte / Trier"

- Suwex: Added functioning external brake indicators to A/B wagons


- New: Arriva version

- NS/Rnet: door open whistle alternates high/low

- NS/Rnet/Arriva: added exterior brake status lights

- Arriva: New handbook, with added ATB-NG information

- Arriva: Vehicle names *for the ones that are currently known*

- All: Updated documentation with new features


- All: Ctrl-F9 and Ctrl-F10 now auto-repeat for changing destination boards

- All: When handbrake is engaged, throttle should be  locked or at least not be allowed to add power

- All: Better speed control brake holding when going down long inclines - maintains speed much closer to target now

- All: Default cab light to OFF

- All: Turned down intensity of the blue in the MFDs

- All: For modders - changing the blueprint Maximum value for the control “CruiseTargetSpeedIndicator” will allow the speed limiter to go higher than factory standard. Standard for NS/Rnet is 140. Standard for Süwex is 160. Making this value 200 will allow the cruise limiter to go up to 200km/h BUT the in-cab indicator will only go as high as the analog dial allows.

- All: Added sand sprayers to front bogies

- All: External cab textures now not luminous - cab is dark at night

- NS: Added NS Logo to the nose

- NS: Added 'door closed' light to main instrument panel in cab

- NS: Added fictional destination “IJdam” to NS version

- NS/Rnet: added cab light button on right console

- NS/Rnet: Fixed analog speedometer needle to be more accurate

- NS/Rnet: door closing sound to be the same as Suwex version.

- Süwex: PZB pickup added to front bogie

- Süwex: Fixed disappearing combination handle (would disappear when right at the bottom of the screen)

- Süwex: Swapped red and yellow brake needles (were wrong way around)

- Süwex: Changed PZB fully restrictive mode - 15 seconds below 10km/h. Does NOT automatically go into restrictive mode if you come to a stop, unless you’ve been stopped for more than 15 seconds.

- All : Documentation updated to reflect all the above changes.

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