Latest Update: 08/11/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Further modifications to the texture mapping for improved appearance in V5.2.

- As a result of these modifications we can now release a FREE Livery Pack and the way you download your files has changed. Choose both the base and the texture zip for your required simulator. Version 5.2 for the latest version and Version 4.5 for previous versions.



  • Air France
  • Air Anglia
  • Aironaves (Mexico)
  • Air Queensland
  • Ansett ANA
  • TAA Classic (early polished alloy)
  • Swissair (Original livery on natural alloy)
  • Swissair Restored (High Polished AlloY).


N.B. ALL these additional liveries are now included in the complete package.


- We understand that the developers of the F1 GTN suite will no longer be developing for P3D.

They are also no longer supporting the package.

- This means that if you own the F1 GTN suite and use it in the DC-3, it will not function in V5+

You can continue to use it in V4.5.

- Therefore, we have removed reference to this package from the panels in V5.2 as there may be issues with crashing and freezing, due to incompatibility.

 - The RealityXP range of products remains available and will function well with the DC-3 in V4.5 or V5+ and it is not difficult to transition to these, using the basic

panel.cfg entries from V4.5, copied and pasted to the panel.cfg of the V5+ version of the DC-3.

v1.3 - 15/12/2020

- Several model improvements including adjustments to the gear geometry and other small fixes

- Some texture improvements to existing liveries and the addition of four new liveries – KLM, British United Airways, Aer Lingus and Buffalo Airways.

- New model variant added. This is the ‘ViewMaster’ variant, especially popular in Australia. The ViewMaster had two pairs of side windows replaced by ‘panorama’ windows with associated facing seats to take in wide expansive views of the world outside. Based on the American DC-3 fuselage, the passenger door was re-positioned to the left side to match the standard British layout.

- Additional improvements have also been made to the system code to correct some lighting errors.

v1.2 - 07/06/2020

- Landing gear geometry refined and re-aligned.

- Various texture modifications including remastering for P3DV5 in respect to alloy/metal behaviour.

- Standardised textures to 2k to improve framerates Amphibious Float Plane version added to C-47 packs Six-window version added to DC-3 packs with new extra TAA Classic polished metal livery.

- "Hedgehog" antenna removed from DC-3 models A choice of plain or radar-eqipped exterior for Parachute-drop Skytrains now added. (see instructions) Front screen frames re-modelled to correct view forward for pilot and co-pilot.

- Engine starting code modified for improved reliability. (Please note, it is still essential to follow the correct procedure (as per manual) Oil pressure code re-calibrated to better simulate real-world parameters.

- Cowl-flap controls removed from Wright-engined variants (DC-3) Front screen frames re-modelled to correct view forward for pilot and co-pilot.

- Views adjusted to suit above.

- Landing lights improved to eliminate lighting cockpit in V5 Various missing sounds added to cockpit

- ALL materials re-mastered to P3DV5 SDK standards and textures updated. These same textures have been tested in V4.5 with no problems. This means that the Upgrade can be installed in V5 and V4.5 with no issues.

- 2 styles of Paint Kit have been created. A professional-grade kit for FULL HD PBR will be made available with the livery packs when released. A "standard" grade kit, using TGA's will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from


N.B.: It is assumed that the users of either kit will have a good working knowlege of PBR workflows, procedures and techniques and be well-acquainted with layered files and how to use them.

- Various changes made to Aircraft CFG and Checklists.

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