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The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Service Pack 2

- 3RD rail electrification extended to Portkeane due to user requests.

- 3rd Rail Quick Drive facility now included.

- Visible 3rd Rail at Marsdon.

- “Wagon Transportation” scenario issue fixed.

Service Pack 1

- Complete re-signalling of the network using the all-new custom built Just Trains Modern signals set.

- Corrected AWS magnet positioning.

- Third-rail electrification of the seafront line.

- Adjustment of yards at Anstone.

- Adjustment of Yards at Marsdon to remove sharp entry/exit curve.

- Total recreation of scenarios to include Ai workings.

- Quick Drives now have moving Ai.

- Most Crossovers and Turnouts changed to reduce curve tightness.

- Track speed adjustments.

- Scenery changes to increase Frame Rates (FPS) in some areas.

- Overhead electrification of the Test Track.

- Satellites dishes appropriately and correctly aligned to face the multitude of ‘MarSat’ TV satellites in orbit above the Marsdonshire network area.

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