Latest Update: 12/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New: Added second camera view in cab for better view of controls (left/right arrow in cab)

- New: Added custom notch data for throttle in HUD display. Now shows 0/R/PZ/SZ etc correct throttle markings.

- New: Improved sharpness/quality to window frame textures.

- Fixed: Green Plan T now has right hand cab wiper in the correct place (attached to side of window, not top)

- Fixed: Long standing bug in the scharfenberg coupler where some players would see a 'flipped' coupler.

- Fixed: Bug where headlight switch was nearly impossible to control with the mouse

- Fixed: Removed passengers, fans, signboards, animations from the asset browser list.

- Fixed: Hole in the floor of the Plan T mAB wagons near the doors  now fixed.

- Fixed: Long-standing bug where wipers didn't wipe the rain off the center cabview window properly.

- Improved: Driver figure logic now more reliable when coupling trains together.

- Changed: Pantograph control is now an up/down rocker switch that returns to center more prototypical of the real control

- Changed: Moved manuals to Railworks manuals folder

- Changed: Optimised engine script removed some unused lighting code that was causing slowdown on some machines

- Fixed: Driver logic for driver figures showing up in cabs

- Fixed: Signboards now work for rolling start scenarios

- Fixed: High-pressure brake light comes on >38kmh now (was >60kmh)

- Fixed: Logic for 'WALS' light. Now comes on >80kmh if controller is in S position or higher

- Fixed: Bug in the drivetrain audio where the volume wasn't responding to effort in the Plan T

- Fixed: Bug in headlight switch where no sound played for the second notch

- Improved: better sounds for reverser and brake levers in cab

- Improved: muted sounds in interior views

- Improved: acceleration for Plan V far more like the real world. Plan T also modified.

- New: True French handbook translation

- New: Added Ede-Wageningen destination

- New: Added 'grating' brake sound in interior views

- New: Added Plan T 520 Vrijheidstrein (Freedom train)

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