Latest Update: 011/08/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed: When they tried to drive the VIRMm1, VIRMm2 or VIRMm3 versions, the game would crash with an out-of-memory error

v5.0.0 - 01/07/2021

- New: Added the new VIRMm2 and VIRMm3 (2021 version)
- New: Can read the new ATB bakens scenery objects to turn on ATB-EG or ATB-NG, or turn the ATB off.
- New: Rail flange/squeal sound
- New: Deadman's pedal sound
- New: Door closing beeper sound
- New: Regulator / throttle no longer has notches - smooth linear throttle now
- New: ATB speed indicator is now a needle that moves *around* the dial instead of *popping* to the speed directly
- New: ATB has 'stopped' mode where indicator goes to 40 when the train is stopped and the reverser is in neutral
- New: Modified brake lever behavior - T required for traction, N forces traction to zero, notch 1(R) is where braking begins, notch 2 is ATB required braking level
- New: Lots of new destinations. Destinations now conform to brand new 'master' destination list on (
- New: Signature IRM irritating squeaks from wagon join metal plates added to passenger view
- Fixed: 'REM' and 'TL' indicator lights in the cab now behave correctly based on brake lever position
- Fixed: Braking side of traction/braking meter now correctly responds to brake lever position
- Fixed: VIRMm1 Numbering and naming corrected to VIRMm1 8600 and 9400 series

v3.0 - 17/10/20217

- All consists now prefixed with "CT" - eg "CT NS VIRM"

- Improved : Removed delay before dynamic brake kicks in

- Improved : New horn sounds with loops so horns can be on as long as key is pressed

- Improved : Pantograph control is now an up/down rocker switch

- Improved : Throttle more sensitive to keyboard and mouse

- Improved : Added brake handle notches and throttle handle notches

- Improved : Cab lighting now defaults to "OFF"

- Improved : Simplified headlight logic in scripts

- Improved : Code optimisations in scripts (quicker code processing)

- Fixed : "Tractie" light erroneously came on during traction

- Fixed : Scharfenberg couplers no longer flip when coupling

- Fixed : Driver logic - sometimes driver disappeared from cab

- Fixed : Missing sounds on wiper and wiper intermittent cab controls

- Fixed : Missing mouseover label for cap wiper intermittent control

- Fixed : Constant brake 'hissing' sounds when stopped

- New : Second camera view in cab

- New : New cab sounds for airco and controls

 IN ADDITION, new VIRMm model

- Introduction video for the VIRMm :

- Additional manual for VIRMm additions

- New ability to pre-set signboard destinations using RV number in scenario editor.

  • NOTE : This ONLY works on the VIRMm. The older DD-IRM and V-IRM do not support pre-setting destinations.

- New improved UIC code to allow treinstel number to appear on the nose of the train

- New GSMR radio in the cab

- New higher resolution texture for some cab items (screws, panels)

- New on/off button on multifunction display in the cab now works

- New trackbrakes animated with new parking brake function

- New cleaner glass in cab

- Aerodynamic caps where the pantographs used to be

- New interiors - toilets at the ‘front’ of each 34 and 6 car

- New higher detail bioreactors

- New Scharfenberg coupler

- New door open buttons

- New sticker positions for '1' and '2' stickers

- Bike / wheelchair stickers lowered

- New orange colour

- Underside grey and roof are darker

- New 3D roof strakes

- New Windows with decals

- New high resolution 'stencil' window frames

- Treinstel number on nose units

- New aerial configuration on the outside of the cab roof

- New stickers over drivers doors

- New rain gutters over the drivers doors

- New high resolution panel lines, doors and side ventilators

- New axle jack-up point stickers

- New recessed 3D LS and KS kast handles, new high voltage stickers

- Increased detail in coupler area between wagons


- Improved: braking sounds not as aggressive or loud.

- Improved : "idle" sound quieter

- Improved : new horn sounds

- Improved : removed redundant 'simple' controls from blueprints

- Fixed : Driver figure is now in the correct cab for train direction.

- Fixed : problem with high speed cruise whine not fading with distance.

- Fixed : finally discovered the bug in the game that made the passenger view sound so loud

- Fixed : "DD" removed from 'door closed' light in cab

- Fixed : New signboard code to cure problems with missing destinations when doing rolling-start scenarios

- Fixed : Passenger feet are now not sticking out of lower deck of carriages

- New : All new passenger view sounds for air conditioning and high speed motor sounds

- New : All new traction motor sounds

- New : Added 9556 Groene Trein (Green Train) version

- New : True French translation of the manual

- New : Added Deadman's driver vigilance system PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

- New : Added ATB train protection system PLEASE READ THE MANUAL


- Fixed accuracy on speedometer above 100km/h
- Fixed wheel slip. Train would never slip. Now it will if you open the throttle 100%
- Fixed wheel slip indicator - it didn't work.
- Fixed a problem with hardpoint coupling so the train doesn't "jump" when you click to enter it
- Fixed missing sound for headlight switch
- Made initial "grab" on dynamic brakes not so severe
- Changed 'door closing' sound to be VIRM, not DD-AR (oops!)
- Added scripting to activate door closing 'whistle' before the doors actually close
- Added Heerlen, Maastricht and Nijmegen to destination boards
- Various new sounds
- Reduced intensity of rail joint 'kedeng kedeng' sound when inside the cab or passenger view
- Added manual control on the left side of the cab for cab lighting on/off
- Added AWS/ATB warning light

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