Latest Update: 12/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New: Added deadmans alarm function please read the manual.

- New: Added second camera view for better view of instruments. Use left/right arrows to switch.

- New: Added 's Hertogenbosch and Breukelen to destination list.

- New: Added 2016-revision SLT-6 (middle wagons now have no 1st class). 2 new consists SLT6 (2016 revision) and SLT6+4 (2016 revision).

- New: New throttle sounds in cab

- New: New ebrake sounds in cab

- Improved: Driver figure logic now more reliable when coupling trains together.

- Improved: Made braking system more powerful more prototypical.

- Improved: Removed redundant headlight code. Saved 4ms processing time. More efficient!

- Improved: Brake release MUCH quieter inside

- Improved: Passenger RIS display is now luminous

- Changed: Manuals moved into Train Simulator 'manuals' folder.

- Fixed: Long standing bug in the scharfenberg coupler where some players would see a 'flipped' coupler.

- Fixed: Removed passengers, fans, signboards, animations from the asset browser list.

- Fixed: Audio occlusion in passenger view now works. External sounds are more muffled now.

- Fixed: Missing cursor label for intermittent wiper control in cab.

An updated version of the ChrisTrains NS SLT was released on the 11th December 2014. 

The updated software fixes a problem where the ATB system could get stuck in a '40' zone on some German tracks.

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