Latest Update: 12/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed: Bug where some cab gauges were very light grey now much more prototypical

- Fixed: Bug where headlight controls were nearly impossible to control with mouse

- New: Changed throttle so the op/terug/const/0 setting shows in the HUD

- Changed: Manuals moved to railworks documents folder

- New: Added ATB Train protection system : PLEASE READ THE HANDBOOK

- New: Added Dodeman deadman system : PLEASE READ THE HANDBOOK

- New: Added LTE version (new paint scheme)

- New: AI Driver figure switches sides based on direction of travel now.

- Fixed: Engine sounds a bit quieter and now attenuate properly with distance

- Fixed: Removed a couple of redundant controls from the blueprints

- Fixed: Speed 'click' in cab works when travelling backwards now too

- Fixed: Wheel slip light now works correctly

- Fixed: Cab lights did not turn off in outside camera views leading to unnecessary stress on the simulator

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