Follow this 'quick start' guide if you are having trouble getting the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer started ready for flight.

Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer engine start procedure

Click on the image above to see the full size image (1807x989) which you can save for reference.

Preflight checks:
  • Ensure all chocks, engine covers and steps have been removed from the aircraft. 
  • LP Fuel Cock is in the up position (1). 
  • Throttle is in the HP fuel shut-off position (fully backwards) (2). To put the throttle into HP shut-off position, reduce throttle to minimum and then right-click on the throttle unit. 


Engine Start:

  • Battery 1 & Battery 2 switches to On (forward) (3). 
  • Eng Start to On (middle position) (4).
  • Ignition to Normal (5). 
  • Momentarily press the Start/Relight button on the throttle shaft (6). 
  • The air producer system will now engage. Once the system has accelerated to idling speed, the GTS Indicator will change from black to green (approx. 8-12 seconds) (7).
  • Once the GTS is showing green, push the spring-loaded Eng Start switch forward to the Start position (4).  
  • The air producer will now accelerate to full power and begin rotating the engine. Once the engine has reached approx. 20% RPMs, the Rotation indicator should change from black to green (8). 
  • Once the Rotation indicator is showing green, use the mouse wheel to click on the throttle, which will open the HP fuel valve and ignite the engine (6). 
  • The engine will now start up. After approx. 15 seconds the engine should have accelerated to idle and both the GTS and Rotation indicators (7 & 8) will change from green to black. 
  • Click the HYD2 Reset button (9). This will begin to pressurise the No. 2 Hydraulic System and the pressure indicator gauge will begin to rise (10).
  • Once the HYD.1 & HYD.2 warning indicators on the CWP panel (11) have gone out, you should have control over the Hawk’s control surfaces.
  • Press the DC Reset button (12). Once the GEN, AC1, AC2, AC3 indicators on the CWP have gone out, all systems on the Hawk will have power available to them. 
  • Select either “DG” (directional gyro) or “SLV” (slaved) mode on the Attitude Heading Reference System rotary selector knob (13). This will power the gyroscope, and the Attitude Indicator will begin to level out (approx. 3 minutes, unless the fast erect button is held in).