Latest Update: 25/07/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed Trimming issue

- Storm-scope is now compatible with Active Sky in Prepar3D v4


- Prepar3D v4 compatibility added


- Oil pressure now drops when prop lever is used (a result of increased demand on oil system)

- Increased RPM drop when carrying out magneto checks

- ADF gauge logic fixed

- 'Refill Menu' option added to menu bar

- FSUIPC auto-saves trigger panel state save - fixed

- Option to disable 2D panel selector arrow added to menu bar

- Improvements to panel state saving

- Battery voltage low/oil quantity low message will now appear onscreen to warn of potential failures

- Improvements to engine start logic

- Improvements to fuel selector logic

- Battery discharge and oil usage now occur only when engine management is enabled

- Manual PDF updated to reflect software changes since release


- Improvements to Flight 1 GTN 650/750 integration

- Improvements to KAP 150 autopilot (including accuracy of altitude hold)

- Improvements to engine start process (including more realistic fuel-flow requirements for successful engine ignition)

- Model size in preview window - fixed

- TB-10 engine start issue - fixed

- Altimeter texture issue - fixed

- Flight Analysis tool (error 200) - fixed

- Further enhancements to TB-10 and TB-20 FDE

- Updated manual to reflect changes made since release. Includes a new tutorial flight.


- Flight1 GTN 750 integration added

- Improved FDE (with input from real-world TB10 pilots)

- GTX 330 code input functionality improved

- Aircraft battery state is now saved and restored

- Improvements to refill menu - new fuel options (empty to 100%) added, menu no longer closes unless commanded

- Improvements to panel state save/load system (panel state no longer triggered by FSUIPC autosave)

- Menu options (GPS, sounds and engine management) are now saved and restored

- Panel selector arrow can now be closed (reopen from the 'Views' menu)

- Improvements to KAP 150 autopilot (pitch hold now re-engages if no other vertical modes are selected, UP/DN rocker switch VC clickspots now match 2D panel)

- Improved GTN 650 compatibility with autopilot and HSI

- Various HSI fixes

- F-GTQF livery window colour fixed

- CWS keyboard assignment no longer triggers landing gear

- Sun visor transparency increased and colour adjusted

- Windscreen reflectivity issues fixed

- GPS annunciation functionality improved - NAV/GPS, HLD and APR annunciations added

- Passenger seat viewpoint added

- ATC model entries added for EZDOK users

- TB10 and TB20 flight files added

- Configuration tool added for switching between GPS options (GNS or Flight1 GTN650/750) for improved performance (see notes below)

For optimal performance we have now included a switcher tool, located in the Start Menu, which allows you to switch between two models:


Standard model - features the GNS 430. This is the default option.

Flight1 GTN 650/750 model - integrated Flight1 GTN 650 and 750, in addition to the GNS 430. Switch between the three GPS options using the Add-ons > Just Flight TB10/TB20 menu.


- Engine start issues - fixed

- Improvements to tow bar system

- HSI and autopilot modified to improve functionality when the GPS is being used for navigation

- Storm-scope 2D panel improved - gauge bezel and controls added

- Vapour lock - outside air temperature now affects likelihood of vapour lock occurring

- 'Recharge battery' option added to refill menu

- Engine management is now disabled by default and can be enabled using the add-on menu (More Info)

- Legacy SimConnect module included for FSX:SE and Prepar3D users

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