Latest Update: 18/04/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


New Features:

- New throttle cutoff sounds.

- New installer for P3D v5.

- Updated GPS management tool for P3D v5.


Bugs & updates:

- Improved the annunicator lights performance for those who had issues in P3D. This helped most of the few users having issues. We are still not sure why only a handful of users still have issues. We think it just may be their PC and sim software.


New Features:

- New realistic startup attitude animation.

- N1, N2 and ITT gauges will now show a slight offset value for realism.

- The landing light housing cone now has light effects.


Bugs & updates:

- We updated the flight dynamics. N1 and fuel consumption rates at high altitude are more accurate.

- Window shades are darker for FSX and P3D.

- GPU, APU and Fuel truck sounds now have different sound levels based on interior and exterior views.


New Features:

- Backup attitude indicator now runs on a backup battery and will last about 45 minutes.


Bugs & updates:

- The Hangar popup panel "Recognition LTS" label updated to "Shield LTS" label. Fixed. 

- The "Used Fuel" values on the engine gauges were not consistent during some circumstances. Fixed. 

- Taxi light would not turn off with gear down. Fixed.


New Features:

- Taxi light now turns on when the gear is only down.

- Around 75 major switches and parking modes state can be saved so when you load a saved flight. So no need to click all systems off. Leave the cockpit exactly how you want it the next time you want to do a flight. 


Bugs & updates:

- Version 1.9 - 1.9B had a glideslope capture issue when you click NAV then APP. Fixed.

- RXP GTN 750 panel option now has the GPS to VOR unlocked. This feature will make the sperry DME show the VOR info rather than the waypoint info in GPS mode when this setting off. The HSI DME already will show the waypoint distance/info when in GPS mode. So leave this option off so you can use the Sperry for a VOR.


New Features: 

- Now you have the ability to save/load the flight with all systems off with chocks, engine covers and windshield cover on.

- Engines will run/stop when you reload the aircraft based on the state it was.

- Sound for the speed brake lever was added.

- Dynamic landing and taxi lights added to the P3D V4 model.

- No more additional payload manager setup required. Just install and ready to fly.

- Start text file added to desktop after installation to locate the Falcon 50 GPS management tool, manual and other files.


Bugs & updates:

- Temperature control knobs have better mouse control.

- Altimeter drums updated for when values change.

- Panel popup vertical speed wheel has new texture to see wheel better.

- The "stby horizon" label/text on the overhead panel was fixed.


- New payload manager layout with new features that lets you customise payload with more precise range.

- New visual Fuel truck for changing fuel payloads with sounds. Fuel truck requires engines off and parking brake on.

- New gear sound with wind, new wind sound, new wheel whine sound and flaps handle sound.

- Tires are increased in polys to make the roundness smoother.

- New seatbelt textures and some other various placards in the cabin area.

- GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT added to user manual table of contents. See page 43.

Bugs & Updates:

- Flight dynamics updated. N2 accuracy is increased. More throttle lever range for higher rpm to help maintain speed.

- Improved glareshield lighting.

- Tooltip for the vertical speed hold fixed for fsx.

- The Hobart sound fixed.

- Both HSI ADF/VOR needle updated. See the new updated user manual page 10 section 9 for detailed info.

- The ITT now has a minimum of 15 Celsius displayed for the lowest temp.

- The APU Generator load now reads between 3 and 5 Amps.

- Emergency lights now turns off the VC dome light when off or armed.

- Beacon and strobe lights for P3D updated for flash rate time.

- Engine gauges updated for accuracy on which bus is powering each unit. See the new updated user manual page 29 section 24 for detailed info.

- The kohlsman inhg no longer will skip values. It will repeat a value every 12 clicks just as the default tooltip does.


- Major texture update. New specular maps throughout the interior and exterior. P3D V4 now includes full PBR textures for the exterior model.

- Re-modeled the virtual cockpit ceiling, pilot window, cabin window shades, walls and all window panes for more details and accuracy.

- New pillows and seat belts added to the cabin couch. Improved seatbelt modeling and textures for all seats.

- Two new GPU units that you can cycle through using the aircraft option panel. The Hobart 4400 and the Jetgo. Both include there own sounds.

- New 3 position landing light switch which includes new pulse option.

- Windshield wipers now include sounds.

- New APU sounds recorded from the correct APU.

- P3D now has the ability to unlock and open the main door from the exterior model including the cabin shades. Try using the avatar.

- Installer no longer requires a name entered in the name box.

- The Aircraft options panel has the ability to open/close all cabin shades.

- The engines N1 idle has slightly has less power so with a light payload the aircraft does not creep forward.

- Throttle vs N1 percent updated to have a balanced range increasing the displacement at higher N1 power.

- Landing lights are slightly lower in brightness to allow the runway lines to show more.


- Brought back the animated tables in cabin.

- Removed the GPWS flap override as this was not simulated. This will increase FPS.

- Removed the ELT (Electronic Locator Transponder). This will increase FPS.

- Fixed a flashing screen bug for P3D V1-V3.

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