Latest Update: 2024/02/09

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added support for Xbox marketplace platform in sim

- Fixed overstress crash which would occur if view was switched to outside camera following an apron start with cockpit persistence switched off

- Improved engine physics so very high temperature can cause more rapid cylinder wall deterioration

- Improved integrity of cabin against air leaks to allow more efficient heating

- Fixed cabin vent bug which caused vents to not exchange air properly

- Fixed issue which caused vents to pick up too much ambient wind on the ground

- Improved magneto physics so badly worn mags will generally perform worse

- Added new localizations for aircraft description

v1.4.3 - 2024/01/02

- Improved support for loading saved flights

- Fixed repetitive 'tick' in engine sound at around 1,200 RPM

- Added input configurator support for multiple joystick devices with the same name

- Fixed typos in airframe and engine maintenance section descriptions

- Updated hangar aircraft description to match Marketplace release

v1.4 - 2023/11/09

- Updated sound system to use Wwise interface

- Removed HelperA2AserviceMSFS executable and its entry in exe.xml

- Removed master volume slider from tablet as this is now controlled by the MSFS master volume slider

- Restored proper engine preheater functionality

- Slightly improved performance of battery at very low temperature

- Improved handling of custom joystick shortcuts with the new functions added to MSFS SDK in SU13. (The change will take effect after saving config using the updated Input Configurator.)

- Fixed GTN 750Xi not being shown as selected in tablet after restart

- Enlarged environment occlusion to prevent long blades of grass from poking through cockpit floor

- Fixed point and drag interaction when using gamepad

- Fixed symmetry of navigation lights

- Fixed wing loading displayed on tablet when metric units are selected

- Fixed transponder ident light remaining on if lit when avionics power switched off

- Modified beacon lighting to eliminate slight leak onto cabin ceiling

- Removed pitch control out of range log warning

- Updated Hobbs and tachometer counters to show tenths of hours digit as black on white

- Corrected mistyped instance of ‘crankshaft’ in maintenance details of tablet

v1.3.0 - 2023/10/12

– Fixed parking brake not engaging when brakes are somewhat worn

– Fixed accelerated corrosion damage when aircraft is not in use

– Added persistent rudder trim behavior

– Fixed double clicks being necessary at some stations if conducting a second walkaround

– Fixed overstress crash if moving camera position to external instrument view camera via keystroke

– Fixed TDS GTN 750Xi not initializing under certain conditions

– Added function to repair landing lights using the tablet

– Fixed bug where very low FPS could cause runaway physics and animation artifacts

– Added trim acceleration option to the tablet

– Added independent options for metric temperature and air pressure to the tablet

– Linked ADF timer volume to warnings volume slider in the tablet

– Fixed tip tank gauge not powering down when battery was switched off with right tank selected

– Fixed memory leak when engine analyzer page of tablet open

– Added support for rudder axis when auto rudder is selected in MSFS assistance options

– Fixed modelling of left ashtray

– Fixed part of rudder pedals axle being visible from the outside

– Mapped fuel selectors to MSFS “left main”, “left aux”, “2 right main”, “2 right aux” key shortcuts

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