Latest Update: 2023/06/15

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added Aerosoft VDGS system

- New terminal building (construction site) at T1

- New buildings at the north-western business park (Logistic center, administration building, LAB campus, Airport Academy, multi storey car park P44)

- Corrected A 380 jetway connection at T1

- New smokestacks in front of terminal T2

- New multi-storey car park at terminal T2

- Corrected building at parking position 213, terminal T2

- Changed colors of poles at LH maintenance roof to red/white

- New Audi buildings at south-western area and new test track

- Apron extension of Apron 35 with new taxiway-lines, parking positions, VDGS-systems, utility buildings, blast fences, roads and signs

- Edited fences, static vehicles and lighting for apron extension

- Changed layout of taxiways and signs at terminal T1 contruction site, terminal T2 and terminal T2 sat

- Renamed taxiway "O2" to "E2" in ground and vertical signs

- Extensivly edited aerial picture with the new road layout for new business park, eastern connection ans new car bridge, changed street lights following new roads

- New car bridge connecting cargo area with nort-western business park

- New car driving practice ground near cargo area

- Removed MSFS default street overlays and substituted with custom overlays

- Reworked terminal model to avoid snowy surfaces inside buildings


There is no installer setup anymore, the installation runs only via Aerosoft One!

Your current serial number list for Munich is still valid and can be used in the Aerosoft One app (for existing as well as for new customers). 

v1.0.0.2 - 04/01/2021 

- Rebuilt to avoid conflicts which occurred on a few PC systems  

- Compiled with new 0.9 MSFS SDK

- PAPI corrected

- Approach lights set to 20 flashing lights (rabbits); approach light extension itself is actually not possible due to MSFS limitations

- Reworked "AFCAD" for remote parking positions (changed from GATE to RAMP) to avoid possible jetway conflicts

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