Latest Update: 03/08/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Several optimisations at the ground of the airport for day and nighttime

- Taxiway lines got more contrast, added layers for apron, less tyre marks at apron, tyre marks removed outside apron surfaces

- RWY concrete texture changed

- Shadow layer for buildings on apron (Ambient Occlusion)

- Changed glass colour at terminals to green glass, partly changed night textures

- Fixed dynamic lights colour to LED and related to PBR Materials on Aircraft's

- Build 3D spotter hill in the south of the airport

- Added hills on the north side between Taxiway and Erdinger Allee

- Advertising added at T1 jetways

- Reworked advertising on T2 jetways (blue gradient)

- Fixed wrong sign at gate 117B

- Removed double vehicles at Gate 251

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