Latest Update: 20/03/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Improved AP armed modes.
- Added Stabilizer Motion alert.
- Fixed ILS availability during LNAV operation.
- Fixed bug in ap_toggle command.
- Fixed a bug in FD availability logic.
- Fixed a bug in ATS FMA display.
- Adjusted threshold of oil pressure alerts.
- New altitude callout sounds.
- Fixed a bug in trajectory speed evaluation.
- Fixed out of trim situation with extreme forward CG.
- Adjusted Vref speeds for high GW.
- Fixed a bug in array datarefs return value.
- Changed EPR Lim and fuel flow digits.
- Fixed a bug in minimums annunciation.
- Fixed a bug in TAKE OFF mode logic.
- Fixed a bug in burned fuel reset command.
- Fixed a bug in VNAV SPEED DEScent throttle override.
- Fixed a bug in fuel load calculation.
- Fixed a bug in overhead knob sounds.
- Fine tuned minimum pressure value for AAI.

v1.4 (24/01/2017)

- Pop-up Menu: Load Manager and Ground Operation pages.

- Custom CG location logic, derived from managed weight and balance.

- MCDU. Added FIX INFO page.

- MCDU. Runways are selectable in ARRIVALS page.

- MCDU. FAXXX fix is created automatically along with arrival RWY selection.

- Updated performance and prediction data to match the last changes in X-Plane 11.11.

- More accurate EPR/N1/N2/EGT indication.

- Improved pneumatic system logic.

- Improved IRS routines.

- Added custom minimums and altitude callouts sound

- Tuned up ground roll sound.

- Tuned up hydraulic pumps times.

- Added gravity effect on elevator while parked.

- Added copy-to-scratchpad functionality in LEGS restrictions/wind data.

- Included commands for ND range control.

- Removed hydraulic elevator (oops wrong model).

- Fixed a bug i fuel prediction.

- Fixed a bug in FD switch behavior.

- Fixed a bug in compressor exterior sound.

- Fixed a bug in autobreak trigger on landing.

- Fixed bug in HYD PRESS LOW alert.

- Fixed expanded localizer sensitivity.

- Fixed a bug in optimum altitude calculation.

- Fixed a bug in DES NOW function not clearing restrictions at CRZ altitude.

- Fixed paging in STEP function of MCDU LEGS page.

- Fixed a bug preventing the screens to be drawn in 2D views.

- Fixed a bug in CTR FUEL PRES LOW alert.

- Fixed a bug in DFGC test.

- Fixed a bug in the tiller animation.

- Fixed a bug in sound manager cockpit-ambient source.

- AP aural alert is now triggered according to AC availability.

- TRP Test now operative.

- Fixed bug that triggered spoiler-flaps alert on touchdown.

- EOAP default messages added.

- Fixed "remove flying surfaces" checkbox problem.

- Minor texture and model corrections.

- Adjusted lights switches manipulators in right glareshield.

- Fine tuned engine start parameters.

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