Latest Update: 2022/09/23

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Annunciator clarity/resolution improved

- Minor exterior texture improvements

- Performance (FPS) improvements  

  • EFB upgrades:
  • Doubled screen resolution
  • Interactive checklists, in addition to the existing MSFS checklist support
  • A top-of-descent calculator with the option to manually input altitudes, speeds and descent requirements or to have those sync'd from the sim
  • An on-screen/virtual keyboard, especially useful for VR users
  • An improved Navigraph charts screen with automatic selection of departure and arrival airports based on your SimBrief OFP, and ability to favourite charts for quick reference
  • METARs for your SimBrief OFP departure, arrival and alternate airports

- FDE tweaks (including improvements to the CG)

- Autopilot Go-Around (GA) mode fixes

- Airbrakes now extend further when hydraulic pressure is depleted

- Roll spoiler deployment range more closely matches the real aircraft

- ADF frequency now increments in 0.5 rather than 0.1 kHz steps

- ALT ARM no longer disengages when the selected altitude is changed

- Engine fan blade animations fixed on the -200QT and -300 variants

- Take-off callout logic tweaked to reduce delays between V1, VR, V2 and gear up calls

- Storm panel lighting added

- IOAT and auxiliary pitot probes added to exterior

- Water servicing door added to exterior

- Use of anti-icing (engine/airframe) now affects engine performance, reducing N1 by approx. 1% and increasing fuel flow by approx. 9% 

- VHF NAV 1 display tweaked to more closely match the real unit

- GPU beacon light effect added

- EFB config menu option added for disabling visible QC/QT cargo containers (for GSX users)

- Ice detection warning logic changes

- INCREASE/DECREASE AP PITCH HOLD REFERENCE ASSIGNMENT logic fixed, allowing for control over autopilot pitch or vertical speed

- SU10 compatibility changes

- Manual updated to reflect software changes, control assignments section added

v0.1.7 - 2022/06/30

- SimConnect autopilot events (e.g. HEADING_BUG_SET) fixed

v0.1.6 - 2022/06/23

- EFB aircraft page KG/LB option selection now saved 

- SimBrief payload import now supports both KG and LB units of measure

- Cockpit registration placards missing from -200 variant - fixed

- Crossair ATC registration typo fixed

- Exterior cabin and light glass missing on -200 and 300 passenger variants - fixed

- QC/QT cargo door placards fixed

- Cabin window surrounds and glass are now hidden along with the rest of the virtual cabin when disabled via the EFB (allowing for greater freedom with custom cabin views)

- MASTER WARNING and CAUTION control assignments are now supported (MASTER WARNING controls the MWS red warning, MASTER CAUTION controls the MWS amber caution)

- GPWS mode 3 ("don't sink") logic tweaked to prevent it being triggered during a shallow initial climb

- Heading/course bug select control assignments fixed (used by Honeycomb Bravo and other hardware)

- Checklists updated

- Starboard wing light fixed

v0.1.5 - 2022/06/01

- Further refinements to autopilot altitude arm/capture logic

- Virtual cabin is now enabled automatically whenever the cabin door is open

- 146-100 PSA cockpit placard typo fixed

- AUTOPILOT LEVEL CHANGE control assignments support added for controlling autopilot IAS mode

- AUTOPILOT RADIO ALTITUDE MODE control assignments support added for controlling autopilot ALT ARM mode

- HSI distance read-out missing leading zero when distance below 1nm (e.g. '.4' instead of '0.4') - fixed

- IAS/MACH annunciators on Co-pilot's panel are now green like on Captain's panel

- Emergency gear extension - second clickspot added on red extension lever to avoid accidental use, requiring you to now click on the door placard clickspot and then the red extension lever clickspot to deploy the gear

- Payload (fuel, pax and cargo) is now included in state saving

v0.1.4 - 2022/05/27

- Missing Eurowings livery added

- Pressurisation barometric control affecting altimeters - fixed

- Premature level off in IAS/MACH mode when using ALT ARM - fixed

- 146-200 QT TNT Livery fixed

v0.1.3 - 202205/26

- LNAV/FMS northerly tracking issue fixed

- VOR (with no DME) tracking issue fixed

- DME (with no VOR) distances now shown on HSI and RMI

- Improvements to state saving logic 

- VHF NAV 1 'ON' button now usable with LOCK interaction mode (i.e. in VR mode)

- Fuel crossfeed now possible for both engines and APU

- More detailed cabin windows added for wing-view rows

- Cabin window rain effects added

- Numerous improvements to the cockpit model (e.g. smoother edges on control column and more detailed knobs) 

- Eurowings and Crossair liveries added

- Cockpit door is now animated (and cabin crew will open/close it as required to report cabin is secured for take-off or landing)

- Ground rolling resistance increased

- Airframe drag and idle thrust tweaked for greater descent rates

- Engine TGTs closer to real-world values

- Engine fuel burn closer to real-world values 

- QT/QC cargo door now requires yellow system hydraulic pressure to open/close

- QT/QC cabin and freight door lighting fixed

- QC/QC additional cargo containers added, quantity changes dynamically based on current payload

- Checklists updated

- Camera views improved

- Various EFB bug fixes and improvements:

  • Window prompt added to automatically set the ZFW and block fuel from the SimBrief OFP
  • Navigraph login no longer expires
  • SimBrief OFP click-and-drag scrollbar added and readability improved
  • SimBrief username login setting is now saved
  • 24 hour clock setting is now saved
  • Blank page when returning from aircraft screen is fixed
  • Aircraft fuel and payload keyboard input resetting to 0000 after entry - fixed
  • CG % SMC pitch trim clickspot will no longer set a unit value that triggers the config horn (-200 and -300 variants). If flying the -300 variant, it will set an additional +1 unit of trim if the flaps are retracted so that when the FTC system operates during flap extension, the correct trim setting for take-off will be set. 
  • Rudder axis steering option added - When enabled, the rudder axis control assignment will also control the tiller for nose wheel steering. When disabled, the ‘STEERING INC/DEC’ and ‘NOSE WHEEL STEERING AXIS’ assignments can be used to control the tiller without moving the rudder pedals. You can also click and drag the tillers to control only the steering.

- MSFS mixture settings are now forced to fully rich and engine auto stop control assignment now supported with custom logic, to avoid engine start issues

- MSFS beacon lights variable no longer showing as off when in cockpit view with beacon switch on

- With the new 'Flipchart Options' tick-box enabled on the EFB config menu, you can now click on the relevant row of the speeds flipchart (below the landing gear lever) to specify which flap setting you'd like the speeds bug to be set for (instead of it being based on your current flap setting). This allows you to pre-select your take-off or approach flap setting. Co-pilot will only call for approach flap selections up to the setting that you have selected, e.g. the call to extend flaps 33 won't be triggered if you have selected the speed bugs for a flaps 30 landing.

Rudder limiter logic has been added (max rudder deflection reduces as airspeed increases, only +- 2 degrees at VMO)

- Throttle 10% to 90% control assignments support added

- Nose wheel steering is now locked when in the air, and is unlocked during pushback (avoiding need for green hydraulic pressure for pushback steering)

- Pilot callout and cabin announcement logic changed to reduce chance of them not being triggered, particularly when flying circuits or after a go-around

- Autopilot sync mode can now be controlled using the SET ELT assignment, allowing you to hold-then-release the button in addition to the existing on/off toggle (TOGGLE AFTERBURNER)

- FREIGHT DOOR caption added to MWP for QT/QC variants

- Landing gear placards missing from some liveries - fixed

- TMS TGT/SYNC disengagement logic added, allowing you to quickly switch from TGT/SYNC to either TGT or SYNC mode

- Pressurisation controller card now rotates relative to the barometric scale as per real aircraft

- DC pump now pressurises the yellow brake accumulator and not the yellow system

- When using the PTU, green hydraulic system pressure now drops as associated services are used (e.g. flaps, brakes, gear and airbrakes)

- PTU 'bark' sound now only audible when the PTU is supplying green hydraulic system

- Default positions for various controls revised to match FCOM checklists

- Autopilot no longer reverts to pitch and roll hold modes when disconnected

- ENG IGN annunciators now reflect selection made on ground ignition switch

- Landing lights no longer illuminate the cockpit

- FTC (-300 only) trim speed reduced for improved handling during flap retraction/extension

- Manual pitch trim speed increased

- 300QT window blank issue fixed

- Various minor livery fixes

- Transponder logic changes for vPilot compatibility

- Transponder flight ID can now include the number '0'

- Mono-spaced fonts now used for digital read-outs (e.g. HSI distance and speed)

- Shadows removed from fuel quantity gauge needles

- Delay added between seat belt sign 'bong' and cabin announcement

- Gap around aft door interiors fixed

- FMS brightness control fixed

- VHF NAV 2 test mode added

- VR experience tweaks

- Additional tooltips added

- ATC callsigns revised

- Tutorial flight files added

- Wheel chock positions fixed

- ALT ARM and ALT modes can now be engaged at the same time to allow for preselection of next altitude

- EXT AC PWR AVAILABLE light will now illuminate regardless of aircraft electrical state as long as the GPU is connected

- MWS ground operation (GND OP) now dims the MWS captions

- Airbrake drift added (airbrakes will gradually separate once hydraulic pressure is depleted)

- TMS logic tweaked for more accurate thrust management

- ENGINE AUTOSTOP control assignment now supported

- ALT ARM mode not automatically disengaging when altering altitude value using SELECT ALTITUDE BUG assignment - fixed


- Flaps can now be extended using the hydraulic AC pump

v0.1.2 - 2022/05/01

- Trim axis controls (elevator, aileron, rudder) - fixed
- EFB fixes, including Navigraph authentication issue
- NO SMOKING switch label typo - fixed
- HSI course indication changing when there’s no electrical power - fixed
- New JF_146.ini option added:



C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\justflight-aircraft-146\work

'0' is the default value and is compatible with the Honeycomb hardware. Changing that manually to '1' (make sure the aircraft isn't loaded at the time) will provide compatibility with the TCA hardware.

v0.1.1 - 2022/04/31

- Minor livery fixes

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