A **NAV DATABASE EXPIRED** text on the INIT page indicates that the Navdata currently being used by the UNS-1 is expired compared to the current date in the simulator. This may be due to the Navdata itself being out of date, or the date in the simulator may have been moved more than a month either side of the Navdata covered month.

Default Navdata is supplied with the UNS-1 from the ARINC 2301 cycle and this will generate a **NAV DATABASE EXPIRED**  message on the INIT page as the Navdata is from January 2023. Although this Navdata is not the most up-to-date ARINC cycle, the Navdata should be sufficient in the majority of cases and it should little to no effect on your overall simulator experience. 


Users with an active Navigraph subscription can update their Navdata via the Navigraph Hub desktop app. With the 146 Professional installed, a “Just Flight 146 Professional” box should appear in the app with a green “UPDATE” button. Clicking the “UPDATE” button will update the Navdata the latest cycle. The button will change to a red “REMOVE” button when the latest Navdata has been installed successfully.

Note: If you wish to revert to the default Navdata after installing the latest Navdata from the Navigraph Hub app, a reinstall of the 146 Professional (MSFS) will be required.