Flight plans can be imported by using the COPY PLT RTE function on the FPL page. This function is only available when no waypoints have been entered into the flight plan, or if only the departure airport has been entered into the first line.

The COPY PLT RTE page will display a list of available routes that can be imported. A flight plan can be imported by typing its reference number into the SELECT ROUTE field, and then pressing the ENTER key.

The selected flight plan will then be imported into the FPL page. The departure and arrival procedure will not be imported and will need entered manually via the FPL > MENU page.

Flight plans listed in the COPY PLT RTE menu are stored locally on your PC in an .RTE format. The file directory will differ slightly depending on which store you purchased MSFS from:

Microsoft Store:



C:\Users\**USERNAME**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\justflight-aircraft-146\work\JustFlight\FlightPlans

The file directory will be created automatically the first time you load a flight with the 146.

For SimBrief users, once an OFP has been generated, the flight plan can be saves in an .RTE format by expanding the ‘Flight Plan Downloads’ box at the bottom of the page and then clicking the ‘Download’ button in the box displaying the name of the aircraft you are flight. The route file will then download to the normal download location on your PC and will need to be manually copied across to the file directory listed above.

The SimBrief Downloader desktop app can be used to simplify this process, as once the file directory has been set up in the app, the flight plan file will automatically be saved in the correct directory every time an OFP has been generated on the SimBrief website.

Note: It is not currently possible to import SimBrief flight plans into the UNS-1 on Xbox. This is something we are looking in to for a future update, however, we are unable to provide a timeframe for this. Xbox users can still import a SimBrief flight plan on the 'Modern' Pro-Line 21 FMS and can still manually input a flight plan on the UNS-1 'Classic' FMS.