Latest Update: 09/08/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- The FlightSim Commander and Database Manager version 9.7 read the installation paths entered by the manufacturer of AddOn Scenarios from all currently available folders and files from the Prepar3D V3 + V4.

- For each user, new configuration programs are made available, free of charge, for the use of the DataBaseManager in a network environment.

*FlightSim Commander Database Manager continues to support Microsoft® FS 2004 und FS X. Prepar3D® Version V1 and V2 no longer supported. 


- Map Window: Rudimentary display cities of the world
- Aircraft Window: Shows which aircraft type is currently loaded in your flight simulator
- Options Window: "Reset Map…" function will protect users with multiple monitors
- Options Window: Function "CallOut 80kts IAS / Positive Rate" can be activated
- Save/Load Flight Plan Window: Saving of flight plans has been added for different Xplane file formats
- Navigation Data Window: Different Mouse clicks will show Wind Direction/Speed, Head-, Tail- and Cross wind
- PMDG 737 NGX users will see, during the flight, different information in navigation data window and on map

After a professional collaboration with Bernd Podhradsky, developer of the FS Global Real Weather program (, the weather data will be made available to the FlightSim Commander. Users who use the program FS GRW can now read the FS GRW weather data into the FlightSim Commander. Thus, the weather data between FlightSim Commander and Flight Simulator (FS2004 / FS X / Prepar3D) will be synchronized. IMPORTANT! Users must enable the following settings in the FS GRW program: Tools / Options / General Settings Option data exchange. 

- The number of weather stations was increased from about 4.700 to approximately 12.000

- To match the current weather data now, both, in the navigation data window and on the map, in the vicinity of the wind arrow, the barometric pressure and manual adjustment of the air pressure in the "Kollsman Window" is displayed. These values are displayed by clicking both hPa and in inches.

- Just in time for publication of the iFly 747-400 version 2 from Flight1, the FlightSim Commander offers exporting a created flight plan for this aircraft model.

- The on the Map selectable Compass was re-designed in its resolution now as follows: Low Resolution 15° - Medium Resolution 5° - High resolution 1°

- There is an option of a higher resolution for BlackBox records as well as the detailed documentation of the LOG files only for commercial users (licensed separately).

- FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D v2 / v3 compatibility added

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