Super Traffic Board (STB) is an airport style arrival/departures display that not only lists your flights but enables you to interact with them in many ways. I won't describe it further but you can find out more about it here:

Specific content for Traffic Global, including airline logos, IATA flight number codings and other configuration information is now available. While Traffic Global is going through "Early Access", it's likely the content will change much faster than I can make and publish official installer based updates for STB. With that in mind here's a guide for how to obtain the latest Traffic Global content and configure your STB to use it. As further changes occur in Traffic Global (e.g. new airlines, logos etc.) I'll make announcements here as and when.

How to configure STB for Traffic Global (PDF)

(Note: The latest STB V4.2.2018.13500 for Prepar3D-V4.2 product update has content for Traffic Global, but it is not up to date with the latest developments in Traffic Global. Therefore I still recommend you use the procedure described here When Traffic Global exits Early Access, I'll look at providing an official STB product update).