We have released an updated version of the plugin that removes the need for the masked entry fields. If you already have Traffic Global installed and don't wish to re-download the whole file again, you can download the updated plugin file individually from https://downloads.justflight.com/products/JFF003043/win.xpl

Once you've downloaded the file you will need to ensure X-Plane is closed and then copy the file to your <X-Plane>\Resources\plugins\Traffic Global\64 folder replacing the existing file. When you start X-Plane 11 and open the Traffic Global settings you should see the below:

Click the enter license button to enter your details, ensuring they match the details providing in your Just Flight account (NB. both fields are case-sensitive).

If you haven't yet installed or downloaded Traffic Global you can download the latest version from your Just Flight account.

If you have tried activation using version 1.0.8585 and are still having trouble activating please contact support.