Latest Update: 2023/01/20

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Corrected tail strobe light to white

- Corrected exhaust animations

- Corrected size of exhaust cover

- Fixed livery bug to show all the new liveries ( six in total )

v1.0.1 - 2023/01/18

- Improved external lightning, fixed positions and orientations. Strobe lights are now red emissive, matching the glass bulbs.

- Landing Light switch now has three positions: Landing, off and taxi.

- Fixed overall animations for slats, flaperons and stabilators. Now flaperons won't do that up-down behaviour during take-off.

- Flight model revised: improved pitch/roll response vs dynamic pressures and improved FBW artificial stability.

- Fuel system: CFTs Tanks max quantities set to 10 gals max in F-16C since they were removed from the model.

- SpeedBrake: Removed autoretraction at full throttle as not a feature of the real aircraft.

- HUD: Added SPD BK OUT Warning.

- Added several new liveries by Rhys 

- Correct collision mesh added to cockpit interior

- Smoke switch slaved to wing light for key-bindings

v0.9.0 - 2022/11/30

- Reflections inside canopy improved

- SNIPER pod added

- Pylon visibility errors corrected

- Exhaust nozzle covers corrected

- Computational Fluid Dynamics added to flight model

v0.8.0 - 2022/11/02

- Materials for canopy windshield improved inside and out

- HUD re-shaped for greater accuracy

- HUD layout improved for greater realism to the real F-16

- Numerous minor avionics fixes

- Errant heat effect removed from fuselage

- Enhanced afterburner effects added

- Strobe Light fixed


v0.7.0 - 2022/07/22

- FLIR screens added to MFD code

- HUD screen reshaped for greater accuracy

- DC ANG livery moved to F-16D

- Autopilot operation improved

- Deactivated switches given proper tool tips and re-animated (non functional at this time though in the sim)

- Smoke switch, flight dynamics and other vital systems checked and confirmed working correctly

v0.6.0 - 2022/07/20

- FBW system improved for extra accuracy

- Fuel system updated to new fuel_system

- Fuel tanks visibility corrected to match new fuel system

- Correction to Thunderbirds textures

- New Asobo visual effects added for afterburner cone

- F-16C "Venom" display livery added

- F-16C DC Air National Guard livery added

- Minor UV map areas improved ( intake internals and navigation light mounts )

- Visor texture and metallic layer added

- Smoke switch fixed

- HUD material improved for visibility in bright skies

v0.5.0 2022/05/04 

- Emergency update after Sim Update 9 to ensure displays working correctly

- CFT tanks disabled on F-16C and F-16D until new fuel_system can be implemented

- Small correction to Thunderbirds wing textures ( USAF and stars and bars added )

- New Asobo visual effects added for G vapour, contrails, Mach cone

v0.4.0 - 2021/12/21

- Corrected pylon visibility on F-16D

- Added normal maps and metallic textures to CFT tanks

- Corrected texture map calls to F-16I

- Improved canopy tint on F-16D and I

- Added ability to remove CFT tanks on F-16I

- Added AIM-120 option to F-16I wingtip mounts

- AN_ASQ213 corrected to only show when Centre exterior tank is not in use

- Fixed floating bolt on cockpit glareshield.

- General cockpit modelling improvements

- DED display now supports VOR Standby readout

- AO maps enhanced on exterior textures

- HUD display enhanced

- Improved cockpit texture maps

- Added extra cockpit decals

v0.3.0 - 2021/12/15

- Cockpit panel lights colour corrected from white to green

- Glareshield texture resolution fixed

- Glareshield shape improved

- HUD mounting repositioned for greater accuracy

- Control column texture mapping fixed

- Jet category in aircraft.cfg corrected

- F16 Multiplayer UI text corrected

- AoA indicator lights position / colour corrected

- F-16I external tanks visibility corrected

- External sensor pylon rail visibility corrected

- ADI texture resolution improved

- ADI texture colour corrected ( tan & blue )

- Waterline added to ADI

- Cockpit interior glass made more reflective

- Cockpit MFD screens to white text and data display ( as per real F-16 )

- Taileron animations reversed - fixed

- Additional UV maps added to paint kit

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