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F-16 C, D and I Fighting Falcon (MSFS) Changelog
Latest Update: 2022/07/22 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v0.7.0 - FLIR screens added to MFD code - HUD screen resha...
Fri, 22 Jul, 2022 at 12:04 PM


The aircraft stalls when trying to land
The F-16 is sensitive to airspeed on landing, and needs to be below maximum landing weight in order to handle correctly. Airspeed, if in doubt, should be 17...
The autopilot causes issues with heading
Engage the Master Autopilot Switch first, then HDG hold - for some reason, MSFS prefers it this way around and the AP responds more smoothly.
I'm pulling as hard as I can on the stick and can't pull 9G!
The F-16 is capable of 9G, but won't do it all the time - aircraft weight, airspeed, available thrust to weight and other considerations will affect ma...
It stalls too easily!
No it doesn't. Although the MSFS flight model system is rather lacking in many areas, the F-16's model is correct to available NATOPS data. Althou...
Every flight starts with CFT tanks attached. Why?!
Asobo have helpfully changed the entire fuel system in MSFS. We're just grappling with it now. A future update will ensure flights start without the CF...
Where are my weapons?!
Same place as the fuel tanks, the Payload Manager- scroll down to find them and enter the relevant weights, and loud things that go bang will appear.
The F-16 doesn't handle like it does when I see it at airshows!
See this FAQ  - airshow displays are flown at minimum weight with no stores and often a low fuel loading to maximise performance. If you want the same, do t...