Latest Update: 2023/07/26

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added TDS Sim GTNXI VC Integration 

- Updates to the PMS50 GTN750 integration

- Added RDR2000 weather radar

- Updated systems code and added custom LVars for external hardware

- Improved KR87 ADF tuner with custom display, ADF2 support and independent units

- Updated visual styles and fonts in HSI's DME and KAS297

- Upgraded 3D model and textures of GPS, radios, weather radar and autopilot frames and bezels

- Updated exterior model PBR maps

- Fuel Levers now behave as Condition Levers rather than Mixture Levers

- Fixed issue where the ECU levers were not interactable using the Xbox controller

- Remade EFB experience with new 3D model, textures and EFB instrument made in HTML

- Added pushback controls, light/dark UI modes, and aircraft settings and EFB settings pages to the EFB UI

- Removed all 2D XML gauges used in the product

- Fixed GSI/CDI code

- Updated flight dynamics, ignition/starter switches logic, inertial separators logic and fuel pumps and crossfeed switches logic. Credits to JayDee

- Added landing touchdown FX

- Updated product's manual

- Updated loading tips texts

- Updated localization files

- Minor bug fixes

v1.5.3 - 2023/02/24

- Added native Working Title GNS430W/530W compatibility.

- Fixed GPS hot-swapping code as per guidelines from Working Title Simulations.

- Updated PMS50 autopilot module to the latest changes.

- Remade KPI553A DME and KAS297 displays as HTML instruments (technical preview).

- Fixed minor bugs.


NOTE: For v1.5.3, the installer has been temporarily replaced with a 7Zip-based self-extracting executable, while the reported installation issues are accordingly addressed by NextGen Simulations. After download, run the EXE, specify the location of your Community folder when prompted, and extract the package there. Please DO NOT extract to a temporary folder and subsequently use the File Explorer to move the package folder. Please extract straight to the Community folder; the 7-Zip technology already features long paths support.

v1.5.2 - 2022/05/05

- Fixed VSI gauge size error. 

- Fixed autopilot logic, thanks to PMS50. 

- Regression of KAS297C WASM gauge to XML gauge. 

- Aircraft now compatible with PMS50 WTT mode. You can find a separate package at 

- General minor bugfixes. 

- Fixed installer front-end and back-end.


In order to correctly install this update, please uninstall v1.5.0 or v.1.5.1 first. 

If the uninstaller is not listed in the Programs and Features list in the Control Panel or the installed apps in the Settings app, please perform these troubleshooting steps: 

- Run Command Prompt as administrator. Open the Start menu, type cmd and click Run as administrator. 

- In the Command Prompt window, type "msiexec /X {4E288C54-584D-4EA3-84F7-423F2A3991BF}" without the quotes and hit Enter. Click Yes when prompted and wait until Windows Installer finishes uninstallation. 

- Once done, you can run the v1.5.2 installer. 

v1.5.1 - 2022/04/29

- Fixed ADF to allow tuning of standby frequency.

- Fixed fuel tanks priority.

- Improved aerodynamics and fixed NH gauge readout.

- Added PMS50 GTN750 WTT Mode compatibility. For this, a separate package must be downloaded from the PMS50’s website.

- Added a preliminary version of the new WASM gauges which will replace the XML ones, as part of the set of improvements to the FPS drop issue.

- Other minor bugfixes.

v1.2.0 - 2021/12/20

- Engine sound-set fully remade to be more accurate to its real counterpart.

- Added PMS50 GTN750/GTN650 native integration. Requires the GTN addon which is separately downloaded from For PC only.

- VR experience improved.

- Redesigned EFB tablet UI. Included option to switch between the Pms50 GTN and the Asobo GNS units.

- Fixes to RMI and HSI logic for ADF and/or VOR/LOC navigation.

- Fixed VSI display with the addition of Selected VS bug and option to set brightness.

- Attitude Indicator now cages with no BATT power and uncages when BATT is powered on.

- Added missing Engine Start checklist and fixed certain items which were buggy.

- Fixed issue with Quick views getting stuck.

- Fixed invisible plane issue when using the aircraft on Multiplayer mode.

- Added missing pilot avatars in cockpit, seen from the Exterior view.

- Optimized 3D models, without degrading the overall visual quality and fidelity.

- Fixed issue where rain, snow and clouds would enter in the cockpit.

- Added tail rod among the ground handling options.

- Added cockpit’s openable side window animation on both sides.

- Added exhaust heat FX on engine nozzle.

- Fixes made for compatibility with Xbox.

- Other minor bugfixes

v1.0.3 - 2021/08/06

- Fixes to GTX330 transponder. Due to breaking changes performed in this default transponder, it was necessary to fix the logic coding. It is now working as expected.

- Fixes to RMI and HSI pointers. The ADF mode now works as expected in both instruments, correctly pointing to the ADF radial tuned in the KR87 tuner. We are still investigating the issues in VLOC mode, we kindly ask you for patience while we can address this issue ASAP.

- Fixes in fuel consumption. Unexpectedly, the A/C was consuming fuel again from just one tank, when this was previously fixed before SU5. This is now fixed.

- The EFB tablet is now always visible and fixed for convenience of all our users. You do not need to push the button on the left of the pilot’s airspeed indicator to bring it up anymore.

- Product documentation is now integrated into the aircraft’s package files. They can be found at nextgensim-aircraft-bandeirante\Data\NextGen\Product_Docs, located into Community or Official\(OneStoreOrSteam), depending on the release you purchased. This will benefit our Marketplace users, since the documentation was not included there. We apologize for the inconveniences about this regard. NOTE: The missing documents are not included yet. We are currently composing them for SP1. I thank you in advance for your patience.

- Added aircraft description string in Finnish, as part of expanding support to all the supported languages in MSFS.

- Added missing Engine Start checklist in the Interactive Checklists, since this was missing when the product was released.

- Minor bug fixes performed.

- We completely changed the installer. It is now based on Windows Installer, includes support for Windows 10 v1903 users and it now fixes the long paths issue. For the latter, you MUST install the files into a separate folder (preferably shorter), different from the MSFS’s installed packages path. The installer will ask you for the target MSFS installations, and the installer does the rest. This will create a symbolic link to the package folder from the installation path, hence reducing disk space and allowing you to install the product on both Microsoft Store and Steam versions (if you have both on the same machine), with just one set of files.

- Also, for 3rd party stores users, there is no updater included here. This is because we are currently designing a better updating UX, especially since we are packaging our products with Windows Installer from now on. We apologize for the inconveniences with this experience, we are doing our best to improve in everything (including the overall user experience).

v1.0.2 - 2021/04/20

Includes everything fixed on v1.0.1, plus:

- Fixed Co-pilot's Attitude Indicator failure flags. They're now hidden with electrical supply.

- Added hangar description according to guidelines from Microsoft.

- Temporarily removed the gear lever sound until we can research in depth how to bring it back without issues to those who use Honeycomb or other hardware.

- Minor bug fixes.


- Fixes on certain areas of interior model, previously reported by your feedback.

- Fixed windshield glass too-dark issue. It is now more clear, especially inside.

- Fixes on sounds, especially gyro and fuel pumps.

- Fixes on fuel consumption. The aircraft does not burn fuel only from the left tank anymore.

- Attitude Indicator is now electrically-driven, in order to fix a bug where the failure flags remained even with electrical power.

- Fixed KAP315’s Trim Warn annunciation issue, where it was turning on together with the Middle Marker Beacon.

- Minor bug fixes.

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