Latest Update: 20/04/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


Includes everything fixed on v1.0.1, plus:

- Fixed Co-pilot's Attitude Indicator failure flags. They're now hidden with electrical supply.

- Added hangar description according to guidelines from Microsoft.

- Temporarily removed the gear lever sound until we can research in depth how to bring it back without issues to those who use Honeycomb or other hardware.

- Minor bug fixes.


- Fixes on certain areas of interior model, previously reported by your feedback.

- Fixed windshield glass too-dark issue. It is now more clear, especially inside.

- Fixes on sounds, especially gyro and fuel pumps.

- Fixes on fuel consumption. The aircraft does not burn fuel only from the left tank anymore.

- Attitude Indicator is now electrically-driven, in order to fix a bug where the failure flags remained even with electrical power.

- Fixed KAP315’s Trim Warn annunciation issue, where it was turning on together with the Middle Marker Beacon.

- Minor bug fixes.

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