Latest Update: 2024/04/30

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Propellers stop spinning when engine is off and prop is feathered

- New livery: Red Tails

- Clipboard SPEED page shows speeds in MPH or knots according to your selected unit

- Instruments improved (fuel flow, fuel pressure, QNH on altimeter, etc.)

- Canopy can be reattached after jettison with "Fix my plane" option on clipboard

- User manual updated

- Fix: battery ammeter needle charge/discharge animation

- Fix: refuelling can be operated with engines ON and fuel truck doesn't reappear automatically after landing

- Fix: Liveries - round spots on cowl flaps + some rivets alignments (all liveries)

- Fix: Raw Steel livery - improved overall steel texture

v1.1.3 - 2024/04/05

- New persistent option on clipbard: toggle visibility of antennas in "nose canopy" area
- Improved toggle click spots for the clipboard options (titles are clickable now)
- Added a ton of bolts and a few details in the nose area (especially around the nose canopy)
- User manual updated - with a few detailed paragraphs regarding fuel mixture management
- Fix: label for console lights intensity knob
- Fix: cowl flaps sound plays also if operated through key binds
- Fix: improved sound effects for wheel touchdown
- Fix: re-added the fuel leaks VFX that disappeared in v1.1.0

v1.1.1 - 2024/03/13

- Fix: Canopy porthole now affected by rain and ice

- Propellers blur effect improved


- New VFX: Vortices and contrails

- New livery: Navy

- New knob: gyro compass calibration (for classic and garmin instruments)

- Canopy clean or dirty (persistent option on clipboard)

- Canopy porthole provides a clearer view than the rest of the canopy

- Improved Cowl Flaps and linked them to regular sim inputs (LVar "Cowl_Flaps" has been removed)

- Magnetos linked to regular sim inputs

- Screen of Garmin GNS 530 can now be separated in a pop-up window (Alt Gr + Left Click)

- Fix: battery amp needle now correctly animates when Alternators are ON and battery is fully recharged

- Fix: cleaned dark spots behind "tail/drops" fuel gauge, tank selector

- Fix: cleaned dark spot on front wheel (all liveries)

- Fix: main gears (L&R) animations could wobble on some setups

- Fix: left mixture lever, screw animation

- Fix: improved UV Mapping for GTN 750 screen

- Better texture details on some nose items

- Changed the "FSExpo" decal (no more Tropicana! *sob*)

- User manual updated

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