Latest Update: 28/03/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- 2D controls: Carburetor air flaps control works in 0-100 range

- Input configurator - linear trim axes response

- Engine 1 oil temperature initialization issue fixed

- Oil viscosity system added

- Air conditioning now runs off compressors attached to engines 1 and 4

- Fuel Xfeed corrected

- Engine fuel line capacity increased

- Captain's cruise announcement won't occur in heavy or severe turbulence

- Contact points adjusted

- 3D model gaps next to rudder pedals sealed

- Controls lock depends on engines hydraulic pressure (RPM)

- Nav lights "Squares" fixed

- DME gauges has got a tooltip.

- 2D map displays distance data

- Rudder trim tabs animation reversed

- CoPilot's magnetic bearing gauge FROM/TO needle fixed

- Landing gear animation corrected

- Transponder Alt switch animation reversed

- Autopilot pitch shortcut reversed and made less coarse

- Upper and lower cowl flaps tooltips corrected

- Max RPM and Min RPM key shortcuts inverted

- Co-pilot's altimeter pressure dial animates

- 2D Map. Blue wind arrow inverted to show wind direction

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