Latest Update: 2024/04/12

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- FlightModel: Drag has been slightly increased in the subsonic regime.

- HUD: corrected the HUD horizon line position based on the curvature of the earth, So that at a higher altitude the horizon line maintains its alignment with the real horizon. 

- Altitude and radio altitude indicators on the MHDD and HUD pages have been corrected so that their values are expressed in multiples of 10.

- Fix for Pilot to not be displayed in hangar.

- Fix for Pylons textures not rendering in some liveries.

- Fix for DEP not working after a flight restart.

v0.2.2 - 2024/04/12

- FlightModel: Fixed an issue that resulted in a reversal of ground effects.

- Autopilot: Fixed an issue in the manual VS mode, which caused that when entering a negative FPM it would revert to positive.


v0.2.1 - 2024/02/29

- Small hotfix so that the cockpit rendering does not disappear during external view when zooming out.

- Fix in code to allow Mach indicator to be used when autothrottle is off.


Flight model fixes:


- Revised CFD values.

- Revised camber variable values.

- Corrected flight model values that caused the plane to reach mach speeds higher than those operating within the flight envelope at very high altitude.




- Revised autopilot PiD values for smoother behavior.

- Revised the behavior of some autopilot modes not working as intended.

v0.1.9 2023/11/08

- General improvement of textures (including liveries) as well as increase in 3D model's geometry.

- Improved general handling in FBW as well as autopilot behaviour.

- Flight model's revision.

- Transition between FBW load mode and direct mode at 185 knots has been removed (since many users reported losing control at this airspeed), so now the transition is linked directly to landing gear deployment/retraction. However, needs to be warned that the loss of control occurs due to a PiD controller's reset hardcoded in the SIM, causing a control delay by user's inputs, therefore, since this transition/reset cannot be avoided, whenever the intention is to land, it is preferable to deploy the landing gear above 200 knots (where the control loss is barely noticeable) than below that airspeed (especially if the angle of attack is very high or the plane is banked more than necessary).

- Reedited the size of the HUD content (many users reported that it was poorly readable on small monitors), as well as the HMD, ADI and Elev.

- The crew visibility switch function has been eliminated (for now...), in order to leave the pilot's visibility associated with the external camera.


All Autopilot logic has been rewritten:

  • ALT HOLD and ALT SELECTED functions have been splitted between ALT and CLM buttons respectively.
  • During CLM (Climb), a distinction should be made between AUTO, VS and FPA modes. While VS and FPA are well known, AUTO will regulate the Vertical speed based on Airspeed and target altitude. This means that at lower airspeed for example, the climb rate will decrease to avoid the risk of stalling. Likewise, the vertical speed will tend to zero as the target altitude is reached. CLM will not transition to ALT once the target altitude is reached, however it will stabilize the aircraft in the same way as ALT HOLD (this prevents the user from pressing CLM again if wish to make corrections).
  • The HDG and TRK modes work as usual, however modifying the heading with the stick will cancel these modes and will change to roll until the user stabilizes the airplane again to re-engage.

v0.1.8 - 2023/02/23


- Flight model: Revised geometry to add the variable camber effects produced by Flaperons/Slats/Foreplanes and therefore the variable CL/CD ratio produced by these surfaces.

- Flight model: Reviewed Maximum and minimum pitch/rate roll/rate produced by moving surfaces throughout the flight envelope regime.

- Flight model: Reviewed Rudder stability coefficients at subsonic and supersonic speeds.

- UI: Corrected airspeed indicator between 850 and 900 knots in which there was no yellow stripe.

- UI: Fixed VFR MAP not displaying.

- HUD: Redone Pitch Gradations.

- HUD: Corrected Climb/Dive symbol Behavior.

- Fixed Lock/VV Functionality.

- Screen Reflections Improved.

- New Liveries Added (Special Credits to Reaper7645, Dassadles & SikXskillZ): 

  • Eurofighter 2000 First Livery, ZH590
  • Italian Air Force 500th
  • RAF 6Sqn "100.000 hours", ZJ947
  • Luftwaffe 100,000 flying hours
  • Luftwaffe Tiger Meet, 2021
  • TaktLwG 31, `The Quadriga
  • Royal Saudi Air Force, `Saudi National Day 91`
  • ALA 11, 100,000 flying hours
  • Austrian Air Force, 100,000 Flying Hours
  • Luftwaffe JG71 Red Flag

v0.1.5 - 2022/11/24

- Implemented CFD Simulation.

- Reviewed lift vs AOA slope coefficients.

- Corrected empty weight Center Gravity position.

- Tweaked PiD values to mitigate undesired roll tiltings.

- Updated CheckLists.

- Corrected Light Taxi/landing position to off state by default when Cold & Dark.

- Fuel shutoff valves switches set to off by default when Cold & Dark.

- APU now is tied to GPU system if available in order to avoid drain battery if engines are still not started.


- New Liveries Added (Special Credits to Reaper7645, BombShell270 & SikXskillZ as the authors of these): 

      - RAF Factory, No Squadron

      - Italian Air Force, 2021 Nato Tiger Meet

      - Spanish Airforce, Ala 14, last Typhoon Delivered

      - Italian Air Force 37 Stormo

      - Italian Air Force 100

      - Italian Air Force 100, Display    


- Fixes on current Liveries:  

      - RAF 100 Anniversary 29Sqn --> Boresight Pilot name added along with logo.

      - RAF Battle of Britain 75yrs --> Entire Re-do addition of weathering and leakage.

      - RAF D-Day Stripes --> Plane shading added, names added under the canopy.

      - Austrian Air Force --> Fuel tanks now bare "Call 121.5mhz" for QRA comms.

      - RAF 3Sqn Centenery --> Added missiing spinal paint and canopy paint, shading added to aircraft, Pilot name added under the canopy. 


Spine paint corrected to allign.

      - RAF 11Sqn Centenery --> Added missiing spinal paint and canopy paint, shading added to aircraft. Spine fully covered.

      - Luftwaffe Liveries:

            - Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 73 --> German Blue coating added to tanks and nose cone fixed.

            - Luftwaffe JG5 Anniversary --> German Blue coating added to tanks and nose cone fixed.

            - Luftwaffe JG71 Black Tulip --> German Blue coating added to tanks. Black paint added to the spine and nose cone fixed.

            - Luftwaffe JG71 Boelcke --> German Blue coating added to tanks and nose cone fixed.

            - Luftwaffe Tiger Meet, Display tanks --> Added a mirror of Ghost tiger to hold display tanks.


- Corrected Thumbnails for Luftwaffe Tiger Meet, 2013.


- Common: Standard tanks have been modified to carry warning signs and fuel caps.


- Fixed a graphical flaw in all liveries in where part of the texture near the refuel probe was overlapping with the nose of the aircraft.

v0.1.4 - 2022/11/09

- Fix for GLimiter not enabled on runway.

- Fix for Strobe Lights: Switched to Omni and Double.

- Fix for Nav/Taxi/Landing/Strobe Lights Glasses: They won't longer remain On without electricity.

- Pitch and roll sensitivity are reduced at values closer to the center stick.

- MDE MiscSubMenu: Implemented Stopwatch (CountUp and CountDown) and Fuel Bingo Menus. 

- Autopilot PiD values Revised.

- WYPT Page: Fixed an issue in where if approach phase was active, the current approach Waypoint Index wasn't highlited correctly.                                                          

- Added the following liveries (Special Credits to Reaper7645 & BombShell270 as the authors of these):

  • Spanish Air force, HALCON
  • Spanish Air force, ALA-11
  • 12 Squadron RAF
  • RAF29 Sqn Battle of Britain 75yrs 
  • Luftwaffe Tiger Meet, 2013
  • RAF 9Sqn  aggressor
  • 7LWG Removed, as was a WIP (needs time).

- Hotfix to current liveries:

  • Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 73 --> German Blue coating added.
  • Luftwaffe JG5 Anniversary --> German Blue coating added.
  • Luftwaffe JG71 Black Tulip --> German Blue coating added.
  • Luftwaffe JG71 Boelcke --> German Blue coating added, right tail plane corrected too match the real world jet.

v0.1.3 - 2022/11/03

- Fix for Flaperons/foreplanes under lift dump: corrected the different animations/behaviours when landing gear down/up, Nose wheel on ground/air following the real chart schedule.

- Corrected Fuel Bingo Warning aural sound not triggering.


- Added the following liveries (Special Credits to Reaper7645 & BombShell270 as the authors of these):

  • Italian Air Force
  • Italian Air Force 55th Ani

- Hotfix to liveries to represent real aircraft.

  • TIGER MEET 2018 --> Fuel tank stripes changed too only cover the top
  • Italian Air Force 55th Ani --> Fuel tank stripes changed too only cover the top
  • Luftwaffe JG71 Black Tulip --> Fuel tank paint added to represent the real livery.
  • RAF D-Day Stripes --> Text along the fuselage corrected to the appropriate size.

- Fixed Waypoint page: Now Waypoint list Highlight the current active waypoint, and current active waypoint under Direct To displays the correct info.

- Corrected wheel chock positions

- Corrected strobe light orientation and added secondary strobe beneath fuselage

- Corrected orientation of navigation lights

- Corrected decal under fuselage UV map

- Added visibility conditions for wing pylons to match stores

v0.1.2 - 2022/10/27

- Added the following liveries (Special Credits to Reaper7645 & BombShell270 as the authors of these).

  • Luftwaffe JG71 Red Baron
  • Luftwaffe JG5 Boelcke
  • Luftwaffe JG5 Anniversary
  • Italian Air Force, 2019 Tiger Meet

- Hot fix on stock Liveries to represent real world aircraft.

  • Tiger Meet, Spanish Air Force --> Fuel tanks knows bare the tiger stripes
  • RAF 11Sqn Centenary --> Registration corrected from ZJ319 to now read ZJ913

- Hotfix on Custom Liveries to represent real world aircraft

  • RAF D-Day Stripes --> Roundel upon the front fuselage has been corrected to match the colours of the real aircraft.
  • RAF 29Sqn 2015 Display --> Decals added to the underside of the Foreplanes to accurately represent the real aircraft.  Rivets and lining made more visible on the top side and lower side of the Foreplanes.
  • RAF 41SQN Seek and Destroy --> "Seek and Destroy" added too the underside of the Foreplanes to accurately represent the real aircraft.  Rivets and lining made more visible on the top side and lower side of the Foreplanes.

- Fixed Flaperons/Foreplanes animations under Lift/Dump schedule and manoeuvring mode.  Note: In Real Life, Lift/Dump switch was present in the prototypes versions for test purposes (hence there existence in this model) but removed on the series versions. We recommend you leave this switch on AUTO.

- Fixed Radio Altitude not updating values when BARO+RAD enabled.

- Fixed Tacan navigation and information to be correctly displayed in HUD, ADI, HMD, ELEV and HSI Screens (data, course and deviation).  Note: remember to set TAC ON in AIDS SubMenu for Tacan Navigation.

- Implemented PP (Plane Position) functionality in the MDE, AIDS Submenu: By pressing PP you can display the current plane coordinates in the DEP. 

- Implemented GPWS functionality in the MDE, MISCSubmenu. 

- Repaired all the Thumbnails to correctly Display the liveries in Selection Menu and Hangar, In accordance with Asobo standards.

v0.1.1 - 2022/10/24

- Fixed an issue in where the pitch authority gets highly reduced above 400knots. So now the pitch authority, manoeuvrability and response are improved in all regimes.

- Checklist updated: APU needs to stay ON until both engines were running. Note that the APU gets disconnected automatically after procedure, no need for interaction by the user. And as a reminder: Users with APU starters mapped in their devices needs to be careful to not leave them set to on, otherwise, the battery gets drained within 10 minutes. 

- Improved Foreplanes/Slats/Flaperons behaviours, both under Lift/Dump set to auto as Lift/Dump Off. 

- All the tooltips related with the MDE_Button_ , HDD_Button, etc, are now hidden and invisible to the player.

- Added the following liveries (Special Credits to Reaper7645 as the author of these):

  • RAF 100 Anniversary 29Sqn
  • CJ Simulations RAF D-Day Stripes
  • RAF 41SQN Seek and Destroy
  • RAF 11Sqn Centenary
  • RAF 29Sqn 2015 Display   

- ELEV and FLIR: Now in order to display FLIR in the ELEV page, requires FLIR Switch set to ON, and FLIR HDD Button Enabled. This Button Will Highlight when active. Otherwise, ELEV page will display "FLIR OFF". 

- Fixed an issue for some players in where FLIR is displayed as 3/4 size of the screen.

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