Latest Update: 10/06/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes an issue with the compass card appearing black in Prepar3D v4 PBR models.


- Changes to installer for P3D v5

- A2A cockpit rain effects (PBR model only) Rain Effects © 2020 A2A Simulations Inc. (note due to A2A gauge being version specific the Tiger Moth PBR has different P3D v4 and v5 versions).

- Fixed issue with exterior sounds for exterior default and interior custom setting

- Adjustments to cockpit light for compatibility with P3D v5 PBR

- Adjustments to oil pressure at lower rpm


- Classic black panel texture added to aircraft with green cockpits

- Tweaks to the flight dynamics

- Added mouse click zone to pitot tube cover

- Added mouse click zones to push the aircraft (front and back of bottom wing walkway and wing tip of each bottom wing)

- Fixed cold and dark setting issues with loading and magnetos not turning off

- Fixed issue with nav sound switch on nav/com radio not working

- Fixed issue with brakes settings not being set after loading

- Improved reporting of carbon buildup on spark plugs

- Added option for engine flooding if the throttle is not opened after shutdown

- Added options to turn on panel lights and smoke system from Animations tab of Pilot's Handbook

- Added a data logger for debugging

- General fixes to text and formatting in Pilot's Handbook

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