Latest Update: 2024/04/02

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed flight model bugs with all new system to remove incorrect behaviours seen by some users

- Fixed fuel system bugs to ensure external tanks and crossfeed work correctly

- Fixed cockpit LOD models so that the higher-poly cockpit can be seen externally out to greater distances

- Improved code for numerous cockpit gauges to better reflect real-world measurements

- Improved angle of landing lights to better illuminate runway at night

- Altered landing light code to avoid "flashing" in the cockpit

- Added "huffer-cart" and cockpit ladder under automated visibility code

- Added drag-chute braking effect when landing (via spoiler deployment while in the landing roll)

- Temporarily removed oleo-extension animation until a better method can be developed

- Added new requirements to checklists

- Deeper weathering added to some liveries for improved variation

- Altered relevant .FLT files to prevent airshow smoke from displaying at flight start

- Added Patrouille Swiss livery

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