Latest Update: 2022/10/05

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed issue where user key input for primer wasn't updating carburettor prime.

- Fixed issue where some clickspots weren't working for Xbox controller users in mouse mode.

- Updated textures for gauge glass

- Fixed missing glass texture on front airspeed indicator

- Fixed locked/unlocked tooltip on flaps lever WHAT'S NEW IN V1.01 Changed key assignments for toggling GPS and Tablet which was causing issues with Honeycomb control panels. The new key assignments are Increase and Decrease Nav4 volume respectively

v1.01 - 2022/09/30

- Tiger Moth V1.01 update fixes the issue with the GPS and Tablet flickering for some users. 

- Using the avionics bus key assignments was causing some issues with certain hardware. 

- The key assignments for the GPS and Tablet have been changed to Increase and Decrease Nav 4 Volume which should resolve this issue.

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