Latest Update: 01/07/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v2.2.0.0 Service Pack 1 / Initial P3D v5 version

- [Fixed] Mach number indication in HGS

- [Fixed] Key processing for EFB keypad and numberpad accepted too many keys

- [Added] Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick support (shifted Idle position for throttle slider)

- [Fixed] P3D window focus gain/loss detection improved

- [Fixed] Better interception of legs following (INTC) legs

- [Fixed] Missing condition for LOC FMA indication to stop flashing

- [Improved] LOC tracking slightly improved

- [Added] FS2Crew trigger for ground power and ground air carts

- [Added] Additional control options for use by FS2Crew

- [Fixed] MDA Alert arm changed from 2500ft to 2500ft above the ground

- [Fixed] CAS advisory messages are no longer unboxed when a message gets cleared

- [Fixed] Rounding error when copying GPS POS to FMS scratchpad on POS INIT page

- [Fixed] Continuous Ignition pushbutton remaining on after stall test is finished

- [Fixed] L/R ENG BLEED CLOSED CAS message no shows when bleed source is APU and left/right engine is running

- [Fixed] L/R PACK FAULT CAS message removed when engines/APU are not running and PACK buttons are pushed in

- [Fixed] OFF light no longer showing when engines/APU are not running and PACK buttons are pushed in

- [Added] Autopilot disconnects when both Stab Trim channels are off

- [Fixed] HDG Sync (and other buttons) now works while FD is off

- [Fixed] DEP Rwy selection can cause an endless loop if SID has been selected before

- [Fixed] Changed MDA Alert to require a descent rate of -250 fpm or less

- [Fixed] DH indicator bar in PFD radio altimeter scale only shows when DH is active on the side panel

- [Fixed] Low speed awareness marker (green line) no longer visible on ground

- [Fixed] Overspeed clacker changed back to loop sound (loop got lost due to prior performance optimization)

- [Fixed] Stick shaker sound shutting itself off during stall as well as stall test

- [Added] A new level of nerdiness: Implemented FAA airworthiness directive which required operators to disable TEMP COMP on FMS Defaults page 4/4

- [Fixed] AP vertical mode switching to ALTS CAP after takeoff

- [Added] Added several aircraft-specific options (as in "settable per registration") on EFB OPTIONS Page 3/3. Different Style FMS DEP/ARR is not implemented yet

- [Added] PFD Low speed awareness indicator now optional per aircraft

- [Fixed] MDA/DH colors on PFD

- [Fixed] EFB calculations when weight is entered as ZFW

          Please note: "Passengers & Cargo" is not synchronized with "Zero Fuel Weight". 

          Both are meant to be different ways to ENTER data only, they are not supposed

          to update currectly with changes made on the other page.

- [Fixed] MDA alert and bar visible when MDA is not active. 

- [Fixed] MDA bar color

- [Fixed] DH alert visible when DH is not active

- [Fixed] FD bars not showing after TOGA is pressed

- [Fixed] Approach transitions not showing on ARRIVAL selection page

- [Fixed] Altitude and speed changes on the LEGS page now create a MOD FPLN and require EXEC to become active

- [Added] Aircraft weight can now be entered using ZFW and Fuel on the EFB Performance page

- [Fixed] Reduced object jittering and font size "jumping" in HGS

- [Fixed] Flight Path Vector smoothed in P3D v5 (new formula - please give a close look)

- [Fixed] No more chinese text when opening HGS while aircraft is still initializing

- [Fixed] COM radio frequencies messed up in P3D v4.5 version

- [Fixed] Rounding error on lat/lon coordinates (due to rounding changed in VC2019 runtime)

- [Fixed] MCDU 2D windows not refreshing on window resize

- [Fixed] PFD Mach indication changed to native value

- [Added] ActiveSky P3D support

- [Fixed] Mixed up flightplans folders for v4.5 and v5.0

- [Fixed] Legs page showing 0 degrees headings (rounding error)

- [Fixed] Stabilizer Trim indication (rounding error)

- [Fixed] Mach to IAS calculation reverted to original Ed Williams formula

- [Fixed] RTU ADF2 tuning: Increasing frequency with inner knob works too now.

- [Fixed] Heading hold overshoot on low speeds

- [Fixed] DOW in FMS PERF INIT page now matches DOW in EFB

- [Fixed] TO/TO pitch commands

- [Fixed] DEP/ARR now leads directly to departure page before and during the first 10 minutes of flight

- [Fixed] Altitude profile calculation with "above" constraint during cruise phase

- [Fixed] Altitude profile calculation with constraint after leg with undefined length (VECT, INTC,...)

- [Fixed] Removed warning message when loading a flightplan with a "VECTORS" transition

- [Fixed] Improved handling of short legs following overfly waypoints

- [Fixed] CTD when trying to create a Direct-to to the FROM waypoint

- [Changed] Updated DEP/ARR selection pages to FMS version 4.2

- [Added] A number of L-Variables required for FS2Crew

- [Changed] Change-based redrawing of MCDUs (less framerate impact and better input response)

- [Changed] IAS value now calculated using Mach and pressure altitude instead of faulty FSX/P3D IAS value

- [Fixed] Anti-Ice and manual bleed configuration with APU only

- [Fixed] NavDataPro Charts display adapted to server-side changes

- [Added] Information text for non-geo-referenced charts

- [Added] Prepar3D v5 support

- [Added] 8.33kHz COM frequency spacing

- [Updated] Virtual cockpit adapted for new P3D v5 PBR features


- [Fixed] Issues with renewing Navigraph Charts sessions

v2.0.0.2 Experimental

- [Fixed] TO Trim calculation for CRJ-1000

- [Fixed] Aileron support through spoilers

- [Fixed] CTD with latest update of NavDataPro

- [Fixed] Climb rate going down too much during CLB mode acceleration

- [Added] Added a note about CRJ-550 payload and fuel to the manual volume 1

- [Fixed] Crash after resizing P3D main window

- [Fixed] No more multiple clicks on SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR needed

- [Fixed] Reworked EFB weights and CG calculations

- [Fixed] Update CG graphs with new weights

- [Fixed] Payload and fuel change is now possible only on the ground with parking brake set

- [Added] Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) indication on EFB performance page

- [Added] MZFW Exceeded warning on EFB performance page

- [Fixed] Autopilot speed modes "racing" the selected speed

- [Fixed] Early altitude capture in speed modes

- [Fixed] Speed loss while flying turns

- [Fixed] Sounds keep playing when P3D window loses focus

- [Fixed] Nose wheel now moves when P3D steering axis is selected but aircraft is taxied using rudder axis

- [Fixed] New Navigraph Charts code added which automatically extends the session after 59 minutes (fixes CTDs due to expired sessions)

- [Fixed] Navigraph Charts doesn't require fresh login anymore every time the CRJ is loaded

- [Changed] Empty weight increased to be close to EWG and US planes

- [Fixed] PFD bank angle triangles resized

- [Added] Empty weight, pilots and FA weights from aircraft.cfg

- [Fixed] NavDataPro CTD due to too long chart_type field

- [Fixed] Terminating checklist showed Before Start checklist

- [Added] Implementation of flight idle N1

- [Fixed] Ground idle N1 calculation

- [Added] Aircraft and traffic display for NavDataPro

- [Changed] Flight Director pitch limitation for CRJ-1000 while gear is down to avoid tailstrikes in TO/TO mode


- Fixed CTDs when accessing Navigraph Charts

- Fixed white charts when using NavDataPro Charts

- Updated aileron and elevator behaviour during manual flight

- Added Soundai folders to ground cart simobjects to remove prop engine sound

- Added Aircraft and traffic display for NavDataPro

- Fixed SEL button on EICAS control panel

- Fixed a minor texture issue on the CRJ-500, -700 and -900

- Improved aircraft's behaviour around roll and pitch axis

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