Latest Update: 19/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Improved seasonal blending from default landclass to photoscenery layers.

- Added static private jets to KASE.

- Removed default I-PKN localizer model and lights from Aspen Mountain.

- Removed unrealistic default CO03 flatten platform (visible on hills to west on runway 15 approach) and replaced with sloped gravel runway and start points.

- Fixed crashes at higher realism settings when taxiing onto runway from some jetways.

- Fixed duplicate parking spot warning


- Users of FSX Acceleration may see double windsocks. To fix this, disable Aspen_Windsocks_DX9.bgl or Aspen_Windsocks_DX10.bgl (whichever is in use) by renaming the file type from 'bgl' to '.off'. Then copy all 6 files from Scenery/FSX acceleration windsocks into your /Scenery folder.


- Replaced streetlight flares to fix P3d bug where LOD models do not first become visible until close to user.

- Ground markings recreated in P3d v2+ native format to minimize floating objects/shadows.


- Implemented draw-call batching and draw-call optimization (c.50% fewer drawcalls on most models).

- House and car model density settings implemented: use FSX/Prepar3d 'Scenery Density' (NOT 'Autogen Scenery Density') to switch. EXTREMELY DENSE/VERY DENSE = 100% models, DENSE = 80% models, NORMAL = 60% models, SPARSE = 40% models, VERY SPARSE = 20%.

- Implemented ability to switch between resource intensive animated and static gondola models (static model enabled by default). Rename 'Aspen_gondola_animated.bgl' to '' AND '' to 'Aspen_gondola_static_bgl' to disable animated and enable static gondola.

- Many textures optimized.

- The following files can be turned off to improve performance on lower spec systems by changing the filename from '.bgl' to '.off'.
  • Aspen_StreetLights_All.bgl (places street and highway lighting and streetlight models; these are resource intensive on some systems)
  • Aspen_Car_Placements.bgl (places static cars in the airport and hospital carparks)
  • Aspen_Lights_Placement_Lighpoles.bgl (places models for the airport lighting)
  • Aspen_Lights_Placement_Halo.bgl (places lightpools under the airport lights)
  • Aspen_Static_Aircraft (places static CRJ-700s and private jets

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