Latest Update: 11/02/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


FSX-P3Dv3 Installer fix

- Fixed unintentional overwriting of dll.xml

Carriers Extended! v2.0

- Modifications to allow catapult launches of Aerosoft's F-14 Extended

- Added improved presets for Aerosoft F-14 Extended

- Stability fixes and improvements

- Added options for centerline/approach lights to allow use in other ship classes


F-4B/N Phantom II

- Fixed bug that wouldn't allow jettisoning the external wing tanks without pushing the EMERGENCY JETTISON button

Carriers Extended! v2.0 & CV-43 USS Coral Sea 1965

- Fixed broken hook and launch bar presets for VRS Superbug

- Added preset for Dino Cattaneo's TA-4J Skyhawk

- Fixed Access Denied pop-up when exiting the simulator


Carriers Extended! v2.0 & CV-43 USS Coral Sea 1965

- Added correct presets for VRS Superbug, Dino Cattaneo's aircraft

- Fixed Access Denied error reported by certain users when exiting the simulator


General changes

- Included vLSO with permission from Serge Luzin

F-4B/N Phantom II

- Replaced XMLTools with proprietary system

- Fixed bugs in aircraft systems

- Rebuilt AFCS from scratch

  •     Better attitude hold behaviour
  •     Better altitude hold behaviour
  •     Autopilot will go out-of-trim in non-normal flight conditions, according to the manual

- Autoland capability added

  •     New F-4N Cockpit with fully integrated Datalink controls in front and rear cockpit
  •     New navigation modes for late F-4B and F-4N Phantom II
  •     Added Approach Power Compensator System (APCS)
  •     Added Coupler, to be used with CEX-enabled carriers

- Instrument Carrier Landing System added

  •     ICLS functionality added to F-4N aircraft
  •     ICLS panel added to F-4N pilot's right console

- Minor model fixes

Carriers Extended! v2.0 & CV-43 USS Coral Sea 1965

- Upgraded DLLs to CEXv2.0

- Added CV-43's physical properties for activation of moving deck

- Improved station keeping AI

- Added properties for NAVAIDs and Autoland systems

- Upgraded configuration file to CEX v2.0 standards

- Prepar3Dv4 only: VLA is now attached to the ship vs part of it

- Added support for Dino Cattaneo's E-2/C-2 package

- Added Shift+Space command to control elevator when on it with parking brakes set

- Added Shift+Space+1/2/3/4 command to remotely control the respective elevator

- Added Shift+Ctrl+. command to tie aircraft down when parking brakes are set

- Added support for Dino Cattaneo's E-2/C-2 package


General changes

- Included vLSO 1.0.1 with permission from Serge Luzin

- Full integration with vLSO 1.0.0 and newer 

F-4B/N Phantom II

- Added TacPack compatibility for P3Dv4

- Added Carrier ILS functionality 

Carriers Extended!

- Improved keyboard response in all CEX menus

- Added support for new CEX TACAN and Carrier ILS

- Added NAVAIDS menu entry, showing frequencies for currently loaded ships/facilities

- Modified carrier launch sequence. The shooter now signals you to run up until you hit the launch key. Then the shooter indicates launch and the plane is shot.

- Increased visibility limits of OLS datum lights

- Improved deck tractor driving physics

- Added Fleet placer utility

-- Removed CEX statics support from carriers placed as scenery, or spawned with other placement apps (i.e. AI Carriers) in order to support more advanced features

-- Option to save parking spaces

-- Spawn ship formations and direct them

-- Warp to deck: select any aircraft or helicopter capable ship and warp to a parking position on their deck

-- Saved flights on AI Carrier: any carrier spawned with Fleet Placer is saved with your flight, so you can start on it the next time you enter the sim

-- Improved station keeping AI

-- Shortcuts for Fleet Placer menus

--- Open Fleet Placer menu: Shift+Ctrl+S

--- Show position of ships: Shift+Ctrl+P

-- Aircraft Configuration App

--- Added CEX support for the Payware F-35 from IndiaFoxtEcho and the MilViz F-4S Advanced

--- The following presets are auto-applied upon running

--- SimWorks Studios F-4B/N

--- MilViz F-4J/S (standard & advanced*)

--- RAZBAM A-7 TacPack edition, A-7 Vol.1,2,3, A-6 Intruder

--- Virtavia A-4, E-2, AJ-2, F11F, F4D, F3H, A-6E, EA-6B

--- Alphasim RA-5C, A-3B*

--- Aerosoft F-14A & B

--- Dino’s F-14, S-3,F-35 (freeware & payware), T-45

--- FSX Blue Angels F/A-18C

--- FSXA F/A-18C

--- SOH S-2 Tracker

--- VRS Superbug

*May not work 100% accurately due to limitations


- Changed station indices to override FSX bug with stations not showing loaded to other clients in MP (right inboard and some centerline stations)

- Added TACAN functionality to locate TacPack tankers and carriers when within 100nm from them

  • On sources with same frequency, nearest source takes priority
  • If an FSX station is on the same frequency as TP and provides less info than TP TACAN, then TP takes precedence

- Improvements in autopilot logic

- Better altitude hold behaviour

- Added heading hold mode

- Tweaked rear canopy glass to get rid of blue shade

- Corrected specular for MAC wing tanks

- Texture corrections in F-4N cockpit

- Fixed INOP COM channel indicators

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