The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Roll/Rocking/Porpoising fix
- Autobrakes system fix
- Fuel system fixes
- EICAS messages fix
- EICAS EGT indication fix
- EICAS brake temperature indication fix
- FMC fuel calculation fixes
- FMC progress page fix
- FMC Cost Index fix
- Altitude range ark fix
- To-From Pointer fix
- Course deviation indicator fix

- Electrical panel fixes
- Speedbrake system fix
- EFIS fonts fix
- Air conditioning system fixes
- Altimeter issue fix
- APU fixes and enhancements
- Standby Engine Ind fixes
- EGT value fix
- Freighter Lower deck load manager fix


- Code optimization
- Flight Model fixes
- Updated Manuals Part I, II and IV
- ACE fixes and improvements
- Icons and animation panels fixes

This update requires that the Just Flight 757 DVD be in the drive when the update is run. Once the update has downloaded, click on the file to run the update and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Please backup any extra repaints that you may have installed before applying this update as they will be removed.