Latest Update: 17/07/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Now Supports P3D V4.3


- Minor Bug fixes


- CTDs in P3D versions resolved

- CTD due to hardware mappings from the AMS resolved

- AMS hardware mapping system revised so that axis commands are now fully functional along with the Flap Set commands

- External lighting errors corrected

- Probe light added

- External lights master controls added to the AMS

- AMS Updater system introduced for ease of hotfix updates

- Numerous other small bugs reported are fixed

26/3/2017 Hotfix

- Fixed compatibility with P3D v3.4.22 update.


- Now supports P3Dv3.4.14

- Minor bugfixes

- Now supports Prepar3d

- Flap and Gear indicators

- Slimelight on wing for J version

- Radar scope reflection rotated 90* CCW

Back up any custom liveries and then uninstall previous version using the 'uninstall' option in the installer.
Notification of any new hotfix updates will appear in the sim's  MVAMs, so no more need to download large installer files!

In the event of a MVAMs  error, right click on your AMS shortcut, select Open File Location. Go to the Configurations folder, and in both the F4S and F4J folders delete both radio files.

The product download in your account is updated as and when updates are released, so if purchasing after any of the given dates your product will include all updates prior to that date.

To download updates you will need to re-download the product from the 'Your Orders' section of your account which you can log into by clicking here.

For guidance on downloading this update, please visit this FAQ.