Latest Update: 17/12/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v1.1 - 16/12/2020  

- Added floats and amphibious floats (including dynamic livery for floats/amphibs)

- Added custom smoke to start-up procedure

- Added ability to skim water on tundra tires

- Added OAT gauge (above pilot's head)

- Fix Aspen EFD 1000 speed tape colour ranges

- Programmed Menu in the Aspen (change Baro unit and other options)

- Fixed engine sound in Replay mode

- Added door vent sounds

- Fixed clicking sound on cruise

- Added headphone beep

- Fixed headphone behaviour on external camera

- Increase max G-loading to make the plane explode less after hard landings

- Fix baggage area weight not being added to total weight

- Slight adjustments to engine and propeller to improve climb rates

- Added jitter to fuel gauge needles, needles go to 0 when there is no power

- Added water landing sounds

- Increased Sound effect and difference when close to ground and airborne

- Increased throttle open and close variation to the engine sound

- Fixed doors sounds

- Adjusted flyby sounds when in close range

- Added visual feedback to "Load" and "Save" buttons on Weight and Balance pop-up

- Added Water roll sound

- Reduced Switches sound volume

- Added controls motion sounds

- Improved VR controls

- Improved VR Trim wheel controls

- Adjusted VR camera location

- Adjusted Wind sounds

- Fixed water sound from inside the cockpit

Owners can also obtain this update via the Skunkcrafts tool.

v1, Product Release - 07/12/2020

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