Latest Update: 28/10/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added Autopilot Disconnect button to stick

- Added push-to-test on prop de-ice light

- Fixed backup artificial horizon instrument

- Added start locks

- Tweaked pop-up window resize behaviour (better min/max scaling)

- Tweaked audio

- Made further adjustments to external fuel tank empty weights

- Prepared base pack for smooth installation of expansion pack

- Improved sluggish stick behaviour for VR operation

- Added Autopilot to analogue panel preset


- Tiedowns, chocks, and engine covers are saved between flights.

- Potential fix to prevent [redacted] from triggering after using replay mode.

- Aspen EFD1000: Fix missing negative sign when OAT is less than -10 degrees.

- Autopilot: Auto-load altitude into altitude preselect when ALT mode is engaged.

- Autopilot: Round altitude select value to the nearest 100 feet.

- Increased fuel flow values to be more realistic.

- Reduced prop gearbox drag slightly.

- Updated External Tanks fuel system to be compatible with FSEconomy.  Note: our model can hold a maximum of 268 US gallons.

- Corrected the calculation of liters of fuel in the Weight and Balance pop-up menu

- Fixed issue where both landing light switches would turn on when flipping just one of the switches.


- Weight and Balance window and physics reflect changes in seat position and presence.

- Added Seat slide sounds.

- Added Seat fold sounds.

- Panel preset preference moved out of the manifest and into its own config.json file.

- Fixed tailwheel spazzing issue; adjusted tailwheel springforce and dynamics.  NOTE: You may need to be more careful with the rudder during landing now.

- Changed N365ST livery to JAARS. (This was one of the planes photographed for this project, but had recently been repainted. Originally, the plan was to include a JAARS livery anyway).

- Fixed some texture issues on the struts (on all liveries)

- Fixed ambient occlusion behind Turbine Inlet Temperature instrument.

- Fixed shading on some of the interior parts affected by the seats.

- Airspeed will show 0 if pitot tube cover is left on.

- Adjusted copilot weight threshold.

- Tweaked SkunkCrafts Oncelist and Ignorelist, to minimize problems with updates. (Relates to the missing dynamic livery preference file.)  Problem introduced in v1.0.7


- Corrected Vno speed in .acf file to 119 knots.

- Fixed prop not defaulting to feathered when loading the plane cold and dark.

- Fixed Igniter sound

- Fixed Feathering prop sound

- Smoothed tailwheel steering to feel heavier and more realistic.

- Adjusted propeller minimum pitch setting for more realistic behavior and easier entry into beta while in flight.

- Fixed Aspen EFD 1000 EHSI CDI not automatically syncing to GPS course.

- Fixed geometry (strut, tail reinforcement, flap and aileron hinges, aileron counterweights, etc.)

- Added ability to fold, move, hide rear passenger seats.

- Added pilot/copilot door closing effect when propwash becomes too strong.

- Added click spots for HSI HDG reset.

- Fixed dynamic livery night-lit tail number.

- Made digital instruments (Aspen EFD1000, STEC-55, GTX330) more efficient, and modernized pop-up/pop-out logic.


- Strobe lights are now off when first loading the plane.

- Configured dynamic livery creator to make real-time tailnum edits possible, and have control over tailnum colours, tail logo colours, as well as spinner colour.

- Updated all previous "virtual" liveries to make use of these changes. (Virtual liveries are those saved by the dynamic livery creator in the pop-up window).

NOTE: The preference file for the saved dynamic liveries will be ignored by SkunkCrafts, so to get that update, you must delete the file:

                "data/modules/Custom Module/POP_WIN/P_Popup/P_Popup_logic/Page02/config2.json" and replace it with the file that SkunkCrafts will place in that same folder, called:

            "data/modules/Custom Module/POP_WIN/P_Popup/P_Popup_logic/Page02/config2 - Revamped for version 1.0.7.json"  (You'll have to rename this file to "config2.json".)

            If you have your own painted virtual liveries, and you'd like to keep those, you can simply move the original "config2.json" file to your desktop, and manually merge the two files.


- Added colour control over PC-6 and Pilatus decals on tail of dynamic liveries

- Improved persistence between loads, by offloading the preferences from the manifest.json file to individual sub-files.

- Further optimized code

- Tweaked propeller spindown characteristics (duration and prop feathering), and animated prop blades' pitch values.

- Fixed weight and balance setting persistence.


- Fixed Headphone sound effect when the doors and windows are opened.

- Fixed flyby sound when close to ground

- RealityXP GTN: Aspen EFD1000 EHSI course will auto-sync to GTN course now.

- Propeller is a little easier to get into beta mode in flight.

- Fixed rudder trim and alternate pitch trim switches not working with VR controller.

- Fixed Engine RPM dataref for FMOD sounds.

- Fixed Loud click sound when crossing Longitude lines.

- Added Latch sound for the throttle for VR users, (draging throttle up over the latch now trigger its own sounds)

- Fixed confirmation message to apply panel preset (pop-under issue)

- Filtered out a configuration file that was causing SkunkCrafts to unnecessarily register a change to the aircraft, prompting an upgrade.

- Changed changelog file format, for better GitHub compatibility (internal dev stuff).

- Fixed headphone effect with doors and windows open.

- Added InHG Reset to 29.92 buttons on the altimeter knobs, to quickly reset pressure to standard.

- Fixed functionality of Thranda pop-up window in VR.

- Fixed Aspen EFD1000 wind indicator arrow direction.


- Created VR click spots for chocks, covers, tie-downs, exterior cargo door handles.

- Fixed click spots for GTX327 timer start/reset buttons

- Fixed Aspen wind direction arrow and altimeter tape disappearance issue.

- Fixed GPU/BATT power switch to be more compatible with hardware switches.

- Fixed Condition Lever cutoff position, to not conflict with hardware. (Hint: Hardware wins).


- Adapted Thranda fly-out window for compatibility with SASL 3.10

- Added some more files to the SkunkCrafts Updater's ignore list.

- Adjusted airfoils and flight dynamics to tune climb rates and cruise speeds

- Adjusted autopilot constants for better roll control.


- SASL 3.10 upgrade. (Came with deprecation of some 2D pop-up window features, forcing a re-design of the Thranda fly-out window).

- Thranda window is now a pop-out-capable window, with no transparency, and no fly-out animation, as SASL 3.10 no longer supports features needed for this.


- ASPEN EFD1000 Wind direction indicator fixed.

- ASPEN EFD1000 Alt Selector going by 200 ft fixed.

- Added altitude select instrument (index 45).

- Renamed livery folders to remove initial numbering.

- Created dynamic tailnumber placard for instrument panel

- Made more FPS optimizations.


- ASPEN EFD1000 Left click not working properly in Aspen popup fixed

- ASPEN EFD1000 Digits showing random numbers when preselecting an altitude using commands fixed

- Made pilot/copilot disappear when shutting down plane (after chocks and static elements are enabled).

- Enabled FOV slider in the pop-up window.

- Engine sounds now stop if prop hits the ground

- Fixed missing marker in Altimeter's Kollsman window.

- Camera pop-up: corrected quickview labels

- Fixed night lighting glitch in physical checklist panel

- Made some FPS optimizations

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