Latest Update: 24/09/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


CVN-68 USS Nimitz

- Added back the Belknap pole which went missing in original release

Carriers Extended! v2.0

- Updated Dynamic Deck Editor and moved carrier options in it

- Added MOVLAS object, available on three stations on USS Nimitz

- Added ability to change TACAN, ICLS and PALS frequencies through Deck Editor

- Fixed broken hook and launch bar presets for VRS Superbug

- Added preset for Dino Cattaneo's TA-4J Skyhawk

- Fixed Access Denied pop-up when exiting the simulator


CVN-68 USS Nimitz

- Fixed AO artifacts on deck texture

CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

- Fixed AO artifacts on deck texture

Static aircraft

- New C-2A model making use of decals

- Squadron decals for VRC-30 and VRC-40 aircraft

Carriers Extended! v2.0

- Added correct presets for Dino Cattaneo's aircraft

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