This update is for users of the Just Trains Rail Simulator Official Expansion Pack (Class 08 Shunter and Cajon Pass route), and you must have the Rail Simulator Upgrade Mk1 and Mk2 patches installed before installing this update.

This update fixes the following known issues:

- Fixes scenarios which were broken by Upgrade Mk2 including a possible "Scenario Failed to Load" error that some users reported.

- Fixes missing numbers on the green Class 08 Shunter.

- Updates the physics of the Class 08 Shunter to allow correct coupling of the narrow end of the loco with certain items of rollingstock which has correctly dimensioned coupler bounding boxes. Without this update you may find that the Shunter can not get close enough to couple to other stock.

- Updates the vehicle physics of the US rollingstock supplied with the Cajon Pass route. 

Download the patch by clicking on the download button below. Once downloaded to your computer, run the installer and follow the on-screen prompts. Please ensure that Rail Simulator is not running whilst installing the update.