Latest Update: 2023/11/28

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Update 1

- Increased performance around the graveyard near Blackpool.

- Improvements to foliage performance across the route.

- Added 30mph turnout sign at Blackpool North.

- Added Lightfoot Lane Bridge.

- Fixed the appearance of metallic materials at Preston Station.

- Fixed various texture issues at St Annes Station.

Class 142 “Pacer”

- Fixed Rail driver functionality

- Fixed an issue where the guard buzzer would get stuck when closing the doors

- Fixed an issue where doors/wipers would appear to revert to default positions.

- Fixed invalid emergency brake application caused by the DSD pedal not being pressed when starting off.

- Adjusted attenuation on flange squeal.

Class 47

- Fixed Rail driver functionality for IC and Large logo variants.

- Fixed controller affecting the DSD pedal when resetting the safety system

- Fixed overcharge bleed-down rate to be more prototypical.

- Fixed an issue where compressors would get stuck running, which led to over-pressurisation of the main reservoir.

-Fitted safety valve to the main reservoir to prevent over-pressurisation.

Class 08

- Fixed Rail driver functionality.

As an additional fix, today also saw the compatibility of uploading liveries and scenarios relating to the Blackpool Branches route to the Creators Club.

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