Latest Update: 02/12/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added PBR textures

- Added new walkway between Concourse C & Concourse D

- Added stand C1 & C10

- Improved texture for 1st floor of Terminal 1

- Added floodlights at Delta remote parking (D30-D42)

- Added Helicopter platform next to ADAC hangar

- Added own equipment model variations for MIL area

- Added texture variations for equipment and light fixtures during winter season

- Increased number of snow piles during winter season

- Adjusted number of static aircraft at F & W stands

- Fixed incorrect placement of NAV lights on static aircraft

- Fixed incorrect taxiway signs at cargo Area next to TWY A

- Improved embedded runway and taxiway lighting effect

- Updated configuration tool with more options

- Corrected LUA scripts for P3D V4.5

- Added service road barriers netx to ADAC hangar


- No Changelog given by developer


- Various performance optimizations.

- Better photoscenery blending with FTX Germany.

- Added more options for photoscenery in configuration tool.

- Correct taxiway direction sign for runway 14L.

- Fix old ATIS frequency.

- Adjust jetway's night texture brightness.

- Added pavement grooves to repaved RWY14L/32R.

- Adjusted dynamic lights brightness.

- Optional SODE jetway's download updated to v1.05.

***Please note that the size of the Download has now increased to 5.3GB.***


- Adjusted taxiway layout around stand C02 & C03 to prevent incorrect GSX pushback.

- Removed border artifacts on tiled normal maps when lower texture resolution settings are selected.

- Optional SODE download updated


- Fixed incorrect texture formats

- Adjusted stand radius

- Adjusted glide slope touchdown locations

- Fixed incorrect ground markings for stand C 06

- Adjusted SODE jetway ranges

- Added missing night textures for UPS terminal

- Updated optional SODE download

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