Latest Update: 27/05/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Add missing AF2_LSGG_CVX.bgl


- Corrected Config tool

- Fixed incorrect SODE files


- Corrected Config tool

- New SODE file


- Release Version P3D V5.x


Corrected instrument approaches to match new runway designations

Removed PAPI lights from grass runway



Fixed config-tool



Fixed missing runway description


- Added photoscenery and autogen surrounding the airport

- Corrected approach lights systems for both RWY 04 and 22

- Corrected runway end lights color

- Replaced default LOC and VOR with custom models

- Various flatten improvements

- Removed ORBX lights placed inside airport boundary

- Removed double lake shorelines

- Added pre-rendered light effect on ground next to hangar buildings

- Fixed incorrect compression for texture files

- Corrected Config tool

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