Latest Update: 2023/04/21

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- The major change is redo bomb fuse switch logic in models to avoid strange animation define on left main gear, and some sound effect controls.

v1.3.3 - 2023/04/11

- Prepar3D V4.4+ aircraft exterior and virtual cockpit models support PBR material, Windshield and glass texture changed parameter to make it closer to MSFS effect.(just shinning and refection, no frozen icing yet)

- Prepar3D aircraft model supports combined cockpit light system with attached spot lights and flood lights.

- Prepar3D and FSX aircraft modules support weapon systems (via VRS TacPack for Prepar3D Academic/Professional, FSX SP2 and Steam Edition or Prepar3D Professional Plus's built-in weapon capabilities)

- New aerodynamic characterization model that implements a unified aerodynamic model from FSX, Prepar3D platforms.

- New aircraft exterior model, modified part of the aircraft structure and animation settings, VC main panel shape modified to fix the gap from high and closer eyepoint view, VC texture reduce shinning and metallic effect for PBR models.

- New control logic, recode logic control for fix the fuel feed issues when fuel in drop tanks near empty.

- 21 HD livery skins same as MSFS Edition, Aircraft livery texture reduce metallic effect for PBR models. the old skins still can be used on models.

- Reshape Pilot figure to proper scale, aircraft exterior and interior models, Aircraft model navigation and landing gear indicator lights change glass covers.

- Remix sound effects for engine and weapon firing.

- Document and integrated kneeboard panel changed, the Map page has similar UI style as MSFS.


1, Store all of your modifications  for Ver1.2.1 to a backup folder/location

2, uninstall Ver1.2.1, then install Ver1.3.3 Version

3, Copy your modifications to the folder contains V1.3.3 files

v1.2.1 - 2022/10/10

- Fixed an issue with the fsx model not display correctly when update with V1.2

v1.2 2022/09/30

- Compatibility with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4.x or Prepar3D v5.x and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. 

- Support Weapon System on Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Professional Plus Versions. 

- Support Living Weapon and Payload via VR Simulation TacPack install on Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Academic and Professional Versions, or Microsoft Flight Simulator X. 

- 700M Bytes include aircraft mod, documents and paint kit template files after installed. 

- High Detailed Exterior (Aircraft) and Interior (VC) Models, with animations, light effects and sound effects. 

- 2048x2048 High Detail Texture for Models. 

- Full interactive avionics and Real 3D gauge system, in depth aircraft system and functional simulation. 

- Flight Dynamic based on data from actual Russian MiG-15Bis flight manual.

v1.1 2022/08/18

- Change Intergated Kneeboard Check List in Bmp Pages.
- Add PBR RoughMetallic Materials for P3D Versions Models. (So if install for P3D 32bit versions before V4.4, Install FSX or FSX Steam Version Aircraft manually on P3D installed folder)
- Change Logic in Gauge to get autopilot functions reserved. Now just when droptank arm switch and droptank signal light switch both On, the autopilot system cutoff Hdg/Alt/Nav/Att/Level Hold functions for simulate weapon and gunsight computing, so if you want to use autopilot keep aircraft flight automaticlly, this change bring these hold functions back.
- Fix Key Mapping for Flare Shot Sequenclly Inops bug.
- Fix Intergated Kneeboard Aircraft Title Dispaly Bug in P3D versions.
- Add FSX and P3D pro logo in Intergated Kneeboard for weapon system opertional or inops.

v220805 - 2022/08/08

- Modified skins

- More UI Elements for P3D

v220801 2022/08/01

- Change ballistic table to support improved gunsight computing for Prepar3d.

- Change gun firing rate, gun setting for Vrs TacPack

- Rebuild aircraft and Vc models for improve lights and gun fire effects.

- Recreate textures for some skins.

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