Latest Update: 2022/08/18

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Change Intergated Kneeboard Check List in Bmp Pages.
- Add PBR RoughMetallic Materials for P3D Versions Models. (So if install for P3D 32bit versions before V4.4, Install FSX or FSX Steam Version Aircraft manually on P3D installed folder)
- Change Logic in Gauge to get autopilot functions reserved. Now just when droptank arm switch and droptank signal light switch both On, the autopilot system cutoff Hdg/Alt/Nav/Att/Level Hold functions for simulate weapon and gunsight computing, so if you want to use autopilot keep aircraft flight automaticlly, this change bring these hold functions back.
- Fix Key Mapping for Flare Shot Sequenclly Inops bug.
- Fix Intergated Kneeboard Aircraft Title Dispaly Bug in P3D versions.
- Add FSX and P3D pro logo in Intergated Kneeboard for weapon system opertional or inops.

v220805 - 2022/08/08

- Modified skins

- More UI Elements for P3D

v220801 2022/08/01

- Change ballistic table to support improved gunsight computing for Prepar3d.

- Change gun firing rate, gun setting for Vrs TacPack

- Rebuild aircraft and Vc models for improve lights and gun fire effects.

- Recreate textures for some skins.

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