Latest Update: 18/06/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Migrated Seasonal variation control from SODE to core Prepar3D variables.

- Migrated Windsock animations from SODE to core Prepar3D variables.

- Added support for SODE VGDS pack.

- Reworked configuration tool.


- Fixed incorrect Stand numbers when using switching seasons.

- Fixed incorrect runway marking color when switching seasons.

- Adjusted snow texture to reduce texture tiling repetition.

- Fixed missing windsock during certain wind conditions.

- Removed duplicate PAPI and Localizer models with certain object density settings.

- Adjusted Tunnel models elevation to prevent hovering tunnel when seeing it from far away.

- Removed unnecessary seasonal texture files for P3Dv3 and v4.


- Adjusted jetway elevation and rotation range
- Adjusted P3Dv4 spotlight effect to prevent it being loaded more that once.
- Fixed flickering Glass textures (FSX, FSX-SE)
- Adjusted info text in configuration tool.


- Support for P3Dv3 & v4 added.

- Updated Terminal Pier North model and textures.

- Changed stand numbers to reflect current numbering.

- Added animated jetways. (SODE required)

- Added animated passenger boarding. (SODE required)

- Added deice service. (SODE required)

- Added custom animated windsocks (SODE required)

- SODE features can be activated or deactivated with included jetway tool.

- Added new NAX hangar.

- Adjusted flood light effects.

- Added dynamic light effects. (P3Dv4 only)

- Corrected placement of PAPI fixtures and Localizer models.


- fixed FSX/FSX-SE animation

- fixed static jetway models / parking positions

- P3DV4 is using SODE 1.5.1

- FSX | FSX:SE | P3DV3 are using SODE 1.4.2


- Redone Flatten and Mesh polygons to prevent mesh issues.

- Added custom 10m DEM mesh covering the surroundings.  


- Fixed glass textures

- Photorealistic textures adjusted for FTX Norway

- Selection: Yellow/White Runway Markings

- Fixed runway light issue (P3DV2)
- Fixed issue with some of the files in the config tool
- Runway location adjustment
- LOC adjustment
- Runway hold short sign - texture
- Include FTX Global VECTOR road Fix
- Include UTX road Fix
- Include High res Vehicle textures option
- Adjusted taxi light brightness
- P3D - adjusted Obstruction light effect brightness
- Included option for more Obstruction light effects
- Added missing runway markings
- Fixed AES terminal bug / double gate
- Fixed DME position error
- Fix AES bugs
- Fix missing runways markings

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